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Retail Data in Action: How & Why CPG Brands Leverage Data to Win at the Shelf

Field sales leaders and executive teams are constantly seeking a baseline understanding of their field teams’ ability to cleanly execute and impact their sales goals. With 25 percent of sales lost due to poor retail execution, the top brands know that to meaningfully move the needle on growth, obstacles and problems in the field need to be attacked differently – which means they need to look at the problems differently, through different lenses, and additional insights.

At Repsly, we believe we can help them achieve this growth through evolution – the evolution of how they see, connect, and act on their retail data. That’s why over the past few months, we’ve put a spotlight on a number of brands and strategic approaches, focusing on the tactics they’ve adopted to win more at the shelf. 

We’ve highlighted the top content pieces you can’t miss in this blog below. Read, watch, and listen to retail leaders and experts discuss how brands can leverage data to work differently, faster, more effectively and intelligently.

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Discover Insights

3 Field Team Dashboards Your CPG Business Needed Yesterday

3 field team dashboards (1)What are some of the most crucial dashboard views your CPG business needed yesterday in order to measure how the work your teams get done in the field impacts sales? Whether your brand sells snacks or sneakers, understanding how your reps are working in the field to meaningfully move the needle on growth is important to your brand’s long-term success.


The Top Insights Every Field Team Should Share with the Sales Executive Team

top field insights to share with exec team (1)Better retail execution starts with better data, and by sharing key insights including revenue-driving metrics, revenue-saving metrics, and team activity metrics with your executive team your brand can drive business performance in every account. In this blog, we’ll explore the top insights every field sales team should share with their sales executives to validate the hard work and business performance they drive.


Learn Strategic Approaches

The Necessity of Data Maturity in Retail

Data Maturity in Retail Whitepaper Graphic (1)Repsly CEO, Mat Brogie, explores the 4 various stages of evolution every successful CPG brand must mature through in order to emerge as winners in their space. In this whitepaper, you'll gain a better understanding of why retail data is so crucial to your brand's success, how your brand should leverage multiple types of data, what stage your business is currently at on the maturity model, and the next steps for success evolving along the maturity curve.


How to Drive Field Sales Performance Through Friendly Competition

how to drive field sales competition-1While competitions are commonplace for most sales teams, brands are now applying the same concepts to motivate and incentivize their field teams. In this blog, we’ll explore four ways field teams can foster friendly competitions that build team camaraderie, improve performance in the field, and drive growth in every account.


3 Types of Data Your Brand Should Be Collecting at Retail Stores


The most effective CPG field teams are building their retail execution strategies around three key types of data: Activity Data, Observational Data, and Sales Data. In this ebook, we explore the 3 types of data powering high-performing retail execution teams. You'll learn how to take a data-driven approach to expanding your in-store footprint, merchandising at the shelf, executing and maintaining brand promos, running in-store sampling events, increasing chain penetration.


Hear from Brands

How Nutrabolt uses Retail Data to Promote Team Recognition, Collaboration, Competition, and Employee Retention


On a mission to innovate, inspire, and make products that maximize human potential accessible to all, Nutrabolt’s field sales teams use Repsly’s Insights Dashboards and Photos to continue embodying their mission every day in the field. How? By leveraging insights from key data sources to hold competitions, coach, collaborate, and celebrate the work of their field teams in real-time. Discover how this beverage brand is the epitome of the concept, “work smarter, not harder”. See how Nutrabolt drives field sales performance and much more.


Driving Innovation through Powerful Retail Field Data and Insight

rkaftheinzpoiondemandGet an inside look at how Kraft Heinz drives growth at retail through strategic alignment and best-in-class usage of their retail execution data for both Sales and Marketing leaders. In this webinar, you’ll hear the success story of Kraft’s field team focusing on how they collect, view, and interpret their data to drive continuously improved business decisions.

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Ben is Repsly's content marketing manager, focusing on digital storytelling through blogs, video and podcast production, and social media. He recently served as Bullhorn’s senior content marketing specialist and is also the founder of InVision Media, a video production company that helped small businesses promote their message. Before joining the workforce, Ben was the captain, president, and social media manager of the men's ice hockey team at the University of Maryland. In his spare time, he enjoys rollerblading with his dog Chewbacca, watching the Boston Bruins, listening to classic rock, and playing competitive games of Settlers of Catan. Follow Ben on Twitter: @bennybyline.

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