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About Repsly

At Repsly, we empower retail execution teams to achieve peak performance in the field and maximize their impact on sales. Our best-in-class software equips teams with the real-time data and tools they need to take the right action in the right store at the right time to have the biggest impact for their brand.

Data-Driven Performance

We believe every retail execution team should understand exactly how the work they do in the field impacts the way their products move off the shelf. That way, they can prioritize the activities and programs that drive the largest lifts in sales, and quantify the impact they have on their brands’ growth goals.

Proactive Territory Management

It’s one thing to respond and correct execution errors in your territory. We help field teams go a step further, proactively deploying their teams to prevent compliance errors in high-risk accounts before they occur. Plus, we give teams the tools to measure and improve coverage in their territories for maximum efficiency.  

Smarter in-Store Execution

We believe every rep should be able to achieve peak performance in the field, and have a significant impact on sales every time they enter a store. Our best-in-class mobile app equips field reps with the data and tools they need to more intelligently manage their accounts and prioritize sales-driving activities.

Continuous Improvement in the Field

At Repsly we’re constantly growing, pushing ourselves to find a smarter, faster, more effective way to work. We empower retail execution teams to do the same, to use data to inform a continuous cycle of learning, testing, executing, and learning again. The result? Smarter execution and stronger promotions.


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