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field sales

4 Min Read

Field Sales

7 Strategies to Manage a Successful Field Sales Team

Anastasia Masters

No matter if your company has a three-person sales team or you’re 3,000 strong, all leaders need to use different strategies to manage a successful sales team. However, leaders of field sales..

15 Min Read

CPG Team Management

“The Art of War” For Retail: How to Beat Your Competitors And Dominate Your Category

Frank Brogie

“I’d love to help you out, but I’m not sure how you’re different from what I’ve already got in the snack aisle.”

Hearing the word “no” is never easy (especially in sales), but it’s even worse when..

3 Min Read

CPG Tools & Tech

3 Pro Tips for Leveraging Insights From Your Mobile CRM

Victoria Vessella

Today’s business software is more powerful, accessible, and user-friendly than ever. This is especially true of customer relationship management (CRM) software, which has rapidly morphed from a..

3 Min Read


How to Calculate Sales Volume and Use it to Win in the Field

Melissa Sonntag

Tracking business metrics can show not only where your business has been, but where it should go in the future. For data-driven brands, business metrics can be divided into distinct three types of..

3 Min Read


What Is % ACV And Why Should CPG Brands Care?

Melissa Sonntag

Many brands focus heavily on getting as wide of a distribution as possible. But a product on a shelf does not equal instant success. In fact, quite the contrary -- sometimes it's not about the..

6 Min Read

CPG Tools & Tech

How to Use Advanced CPG Analytics to Win in the Store

Melissa Sonntag

Without CPG analytics at the center of a business strategy, business decisions will be made on little more than a hunch -- and in today’s competitive market, a hunch simply doesn’t cut it.

7 Min Read

Field Marketing

These 6 Secrets on Your Label Are the Key to Better Retail Demos

Melissa Sonntag

What you see is what you get. At least to the human mind, that’s how it works.

Human beings rely heavily on our sight as our main way of perceiving and understanding the world around us. For this..

5 Min Read

Client Management

4 Ways Mobile CRMs Are Disrupting The Retail Industry

Maddie Davis

In a world that places increasing importance on constant innovation, brands must work harder than ever to keep their products relevant to retailers and consumers.That requires a lot of legwork,..

5 Min Read


Agile Reporting: How to Save Time While Uncovering Trends From the Field

Frank Brogie

You know how it goes. You spend hours each week trekking through email threads and one-off spreadsheets trying to make sense of what’s going on in your accounts. Sometimes that data is missing key..

5 Min Read


Executing Your 2018 Business Plan: Advice from the Owner of Gotham Brands

Melissa Sonntag

We're approaching the end of Q3, and 2019 is looming on the horizon. As you execute the rest of your plan for this year, there's no doubt you're already building initiatives for after the flip..

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