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8 Min Read

Field Marketing

The 4 Most Impactful Brand Ambassador Practices for 2019

Colin Chiakpo

Launching a brand ambassador program is a massive step toward building brand awareness, but it takes a careful approach to plan campaigns that actually move the needle on sales.

Social media..

15 Min Read

Field Sales

“The Art of War” For Retail: How to Beat Your Competitors And Dominate Your Category

Frank Brogie

“I’d love to help you out, but I’m not sure how you’re different from what I’ve already got in the snack aisle.”

Hearing the word “no” is never easy (especially in sales), but it’s even worse when..

3 Min Read

Field Sales

3 Pro Tips for Leveraging Insights From Your Mobile CRM

Victoria Vessella

Today’s business software is more powerful, accessible, and user-friendly than ever. This is especially true of customer relationship management (CRM) software, which has rapidly morphed from a..

3 Min Read

CPG Tools & Tech

2019 Retail Predictions for Boosting In-Store Sales

Matthew Brogie

We’ve all heard it before: If you can’t innovate, you’ll get disrupted. While there’s no magic crystal ball that will help retailers predict the future, there are expert opinions on what needs to..

11 Min Read


3 Craft Beer Buyer Personas for Smarter Merchandising

Peter Manning

People aren’t drinking beer like they used to. Bars are finding lessening success keeping up numbers as people are looking for more than an after-work Bud Light. While standard pubs may notice the..

7 Min Read

CPG Tools & Tech

6 Ways to Use POS Data to Sell Your Brand to Retailers

Sara Mack

It’s not easy to approach a retailer and explain to them why they should give you more facings, or if you're new, why they should take on your brand at all. You have to be equipped with a..

3 Min Read

CPG KPIs & Reporting

How to Leverage CPG Data Insights to Grow Your Brand

Melissa Sonntag

In the CPG space, it seems like everyone is talking about data. From sales data to field activity data, store-level data to marketwide syndicated data, understanding how CPG data insights can help..

3 Min Read


Poor Retail Execution Can Cost You Plenty

Victoria Vessella

It’s no secret that retailers are facing constant disruption from the likes of omni-channel selling, direct-to-consumer models, e-commerce, mergers and acquisitions, and more.


2 Min Read

CPG Tools & Tech

Demo and Sales Executive Shares Secret to 75% Growth

Frank Brogie

Merchandising, sales, and demo teams are the unsung heroes of CPG marketing. From winning new retail placements to driving sales at face-to-face events, retail services firms can have a huge..

10 Min Read


The Minimalist Guide to Building Your Merchandising Checklist [Free Template]

Gabrielle Downey

Mastering merchandising requires juggling the many levels of displaying and placing. It can be easy to forget one of the components in the retail madness. Stay on top of your game with our..

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