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Mobile Workforce Management

Visibility: An Invaluable Resource

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Visibility is a priceless tool for managers and field representatives alike. Having insight into activities that are being executed in the field in real-time enables team leaders to correct inefficiencies that are hurting client relationships and their organization’s bottom line. When managers can monitor what’s taking place in the field, remote employees can be given more autonomy and work more effectively. We’ve explored the topic of visibility in previous blog posts, but the analysis below provides a more in-depth look at this invaluable business resource.

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5 Steps To Cutting Costs In Retail

TAGGED: Field Activity Management, Industry News

Balancing service delivery against the need for economy is something that every retailer faces – the need to cut back while remaining competitive and ensuring sufficient staffing is key. However, cutting costs in retail isn’t just about reducing spend and minimising budgets. Increasing efficiency and introducing innovative solutions to cost-heavy problems can make as much – if not more – impact than streamlining alone.

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Mobile Worker Efficiency Index - Metrics that Matter

TAGGED: Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Worker Efficiency Index - Metrics that MatterRepsly recently released its first Mobile Worker Global Activity Report, which consists of activity data derived from 5,000 field representatives using Mobile CRM and Data Collection software in 44 countries over a one-year period. The findings can be utilized as a baseline for organizations to see how they measure up to competitors in their respective geographical regions of Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Europe, Africa, or the United States.


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Why CPG Companies Should Adopt a Culture of Content

TAGGED: Sales, Industry News

Many businesses focus their marketing efforts on self-promotion with a primary goal of increasing sales. While sales are important, this type of marketing approach ignores the customer experience. With millions of consumer packaged goods available for them to choose from, customers are quick to tune out marketing and advertising messages that are purely promotional. So how can your business shift gears to more easily attract its target market? The answer lies in adopting a “culture of content”.

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Best Apps to Boost Your Remote Team Productivity

TAGGED: Technology - Cloud and Mobile, Mobile Workforce Management, Industry News

In 2010, the Apple app store held approximately 130,000 apps. Today, there are over  1.5 million. That’s a 1,053% increase in just over five years, and the figures only keep growing. And business apps experienced the largest growth amongst all app categories in numbers of iOS apps (210%) as well as number of app developers. App developers are revolutionizing the way business runespecially those with remote team operations. The following is a list of apps that all remote team managers should be aware of to enhance their team's performance: 


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How Maid Service Software is Disrupting the Cleaning Industry

TAGGED: Mobile Workforce Management

The residential and commercial cleaning industry is a competitive space. There are over 800,000 workers in the cleaning industry, and it is one of the fastest growing service industries in the United States having persevered through the Great Recession. A report from Easy Simple Fast Service (ESFS) indicated that revenues are expected to reach $40 billion in 2015 alone. The Janitorial Industry Analysis compiled by Scott-Macon found that the industry will experience a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% through 2018 that is being fueled by a rise in consumer income, increase in business confidence, and a spike in manufacturing.


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Avoid the Summer Slump: Keeping Employees Engaged in the Summer Months

TAGGED: Industry News

Beginning from our early days in school, we are conditioned to think that the moment the calendar hits June we are free of all responsibilities. From that moment on, we assume our positions on the beach and at backyard barbeques, not thinking about assignments or deadlines until late August rolls around. Eventually though, this changes. If you don’t show up to work for the months of June, July, and August chances are you won’t have a job. However, for most, this summer mentality never really goes away. Zeynep Ilgaz at Entrepreneur reports that employee productivity drops 20% in the summer months, while projects take 13% longer to complete. Yet you can still make the most of your summer and be productive at the same time with these five tips for avoiding the summer slump.

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Team Leadership: Avoiding Micromanagement

TAGGED: Mobile Workforce Management, Field Team Accountability

It can be tempting for managers to remain vigilant over every activity their team members are performing, especially if the employees are working remotely. However, doing so will only breed feelings of resentment and distrust in employees. Managers should instead aim to be team leaders who empower their employees to work independently and reach goals within a reasonable time frame.

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Time Management for Field Teams

As a field representative, it's easy to feel like you’re part of a huge circus act. Every day you juggle prospective clients, current clients, attending training sessions, and reporting to managers. It can often become overwhelming and cause you to burn out. The answer to avoiding burnout is time management. You have 40 hours in a work week, more or less, to get the job done. With the right time management and efficiency hacks, you can ensure that all of the tasks get completed and you stay on top of your game. Here are five ideas on how you can make the most out of your time:  

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How a Field Force Manager Spends His Day

We previously discussed how a field rep spends his day. Now, let’s dive into how his field force manager spends his day.

A typical field force manager juggles multiple responsibilities at once, each requiring a certain degree of urgency. Whether he is managing reps, customers, or other internal members of the company, there is no doubt that his job is demanding, dynamic, and complex. There will always be things to get done. And he never has enough time to do it all.

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