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Mobile Workforce Management

How to Take Cross Merchandising to the Next Level

TAGGED: Merchandising

If your company is experiencing a dip in sales, cross merchandising might be the answer to your troubles. 

There are many tricks of the trade merchandisers use to attract customers to their displays and maximize their sales, but few have proved to be as effective as cross merchandising. But for those unfamiliar with the term, it might be intimidating to give it a try. Here's everything you need to know about this effective marketing tactic.

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3 Steps to Creating a Successful Retail Execution Strategy

TAGGED: Merchandising

Effective retail merchandising is key to the success of consumer goods products. Creating the right environment for a product is all about effective retail audits: making sure that everything about a product’s presence in retail is optimum for influencing a consumer to buy. Companies have to ensure their products are in stock, that they are positioned in all of the agreed-upon locations, that all scheduled promotions are running and properly advertised, and that the each product looks appealing on the shelf. To have an effective retail execution strategy, it is imperative that field team managers follow these three steps:

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Cosmetics Merchandising Is the Latest College Craze

TAGGED: Merchandising

Your favorite beauty products are coming to a college near you.

The field of cosmetics merchandising is rapidly diversifying, and retail giants such as Barnes & Noble are on the forefront of this trend. In May, Barnes & Noble College - a division of Barnes & Noble - announced it would be launching The Glossary, a beauty concept store setting up shop in campus bookstores throughout the U.S. So far, the venture is paying big dividends, which has others in the cosmetics industry following the retailer's lead.

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Retail Audits: How To Reap Their Rewards

TAGGED: Merchandising

Retail audits are a critical component of a company’s overall retail execution strategy. They allow merchandisers to capture vital field data that affects the health of your business, such as retailer compliance, stock levels, and competitor activity. Moreover, managers are able to use data accumulated over time to make agile adjustments to their retail plan. Read on to learn more about three of the biggest rewards afforded by retail audits.

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Six Steps to Starting a Successful Food and Beverage Business

TAGGED: Merchandising, Packaging, CPG Team Management

So, you have a great beverage recipe. Now what? It can be intimidating to approach taking your product to the next level and embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship. There’s a lot to think about -- where are you going to sell? How are you going to compete with other products? To be successful in breaking into the food and beverage industry, every entrepreneur needs to do these 6 things:

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Dim Weight for the Holidays

TAGGED: Packaging

Sunshine and warm air. Our calendars still reflect summer, but in the world of packaging it’s always best to stay ahead of the curve. With that being said, we know what’s lurking around the corner. Old man winter and the busy holiday season. The holidays, for many businesses, are associated with a substantial increase in product out the door, and therefore an increase in packaging and shipping costs. One important factor to consider this year is the cost of shipping packages from point A to point B. Most of you have heard by now of major shipping companies expanding their use of “Dimensional Weight Pricing”, better known as Dim Weight, and have more than likely seen the impact on your shipping cost.

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Top 10 Roofing Blogs To Follow

TAGGED: Service Industry News

The roofing industry is one that can seem endlessly complex at first glance, full of technical terminology and diverse service offerings. Combing through all the online literature available can be time-consuming for consumers and roofing professionals alike, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 roofing blogs to follow right now. Each shares reliable tips and tricks for navigating the unique landscape of the roofing space, so bookmark your favorites and read away!

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Beer Merchandising Ideas for the Craft Company

TAGGED: Merchandising

The craft beer industry is booming in the United States, as it generated $22.3 billion in 2015 alone. Moreover, the industry experienced 12.8% growth in sales volume. Increased growth means increased competition, which is why it’s so important to create and implement strategies that differentiate your brand from the rest. Here we’ll discuss some beer merchandising ideas designed for the craft brewery, namely distributing craft beer merchandise and utilizing attractive in-store and promotional displays.

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Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing for Your Roofing Company

TAGGED: Customer Service, Service Industry Tools & Tech

Whether you are looking to start a roofing business or have already been established for quite some time, marketing your company effectively is essential for driving sales. Online marketing is by and large the most popular way to attract new business in today’s digitally-driven world. In this post, we’ll discuss three online marketing strategies that your roofing company can utilize to dramatically expand its customer base.

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Three KPIs Every Roofing Company Should Be Tracking

TAGGED: Service Industry KPIs & Reporting

Anyone in the roofing industry knows that that quality control is of the utmost importance. Sloppy workmanship, poorly budgeted projects, unfocused employees and missed deadlines can all have a negative effect on customer satisfaction and retention. However, you can’t control what you don’t measure. Without the right framework for collecting, organizing and analyzing projects from start to finish, roofing companies can and will inadvertently make the same quality mistakes over and over again.

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