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Mobile Workforce Management

Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing for Your Roofing Company

TAGGED: Industry News

Whether you are looking to start a roofing business or have already been established for quite some time, marketing your company effectively is essential for driving sales. Online marketing is by and large the most popular way to attract new business in today’s digitally-driven world. In this post, we’ll discuss three online marketing strategies that your roofing company can utilize to dramatically expand its customer base.

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Three KPIs Every Roofing Company Should Be Tracking

TAGGED: Field Activity Management, Mobile Workforce Management, Industry News

Anyone in the roofing industry knows that that quality control is of the utmost importance. Sloppy workmanship, poorly budgeted projects, unfocused employees and missed deadlines can all have a negative effect on customer satisfaction and retention. However, you can’t control what you don’t measure. Without the right framework for collecting, organizing and analyzing projects from start to finish, roofing companies can and will inadvertently make the same quality mistakes over and over again.

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5 Visual Merchandising Trends of 2016

TAGGED: Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a subset of retail merchandising that’s part art and part science. As a result of this dual nature, it seems to be constantly in flux, adapting to changes in taste and technology. For brands in brick-and-mortar locations, staying on top of visual merchandising trends is one key way to get ahead of the competition. While you may know your target customer inside and out, the fact of the matter is that consumers continually expect more.

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Field Activity Management: What is it and why look into it?

TAGGED: Field Activity Management

Field Management: What is it?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines management as “the act or art of managing:  the conducting or supervising of something (as a business)”.

For organizations with employees who operate in the field on a daily basis, this definition only scratches the surface of what management means. Merchandising companies, organizations that perform routine services, businesses that perform marketing or sales functions—these are all groups that often have employees working away from a central location—groups we can refer to as field-based organizations.

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How To Supervise Remote Workers Without Micromanaging

TAGGED: Mobile Workforce Management, Field Team Accountability

A manager who supervises remote employees has a far different set of challenges than a supervisor whose employees are located in the office. Managers of remote employees do not have the option to simply pop their head out of their office and catch up with their team. Managing mobile teams simply requires a different approach, one that strikes a firm balance between supervision and trust. Learning how to supervise remote workers without micromanaging can be a challenge. However, with a few minimal tweaks to your management strategy, you can guarantee that your remote employees are operating at peak efficiency while taking accountability for their own actions.

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Three Summer Tips For Your Pool Service Business

TAGGED: Field Activity Management, Industry News

For pool service businesses, the changing of the seasons can pose a host of different challenges. The summer especially is a peak season for the pool industry, since frequent pool use necessitates more maintenance. Demand for pool installations is also high throughout spring and summer, as people are often prompted by rising temperatures to finally get that pool they've always wanted. This August, pool service businesses have a little bit of time left to make the most of summer sales with these three tips, ensuring that their businesses are primed and ready for the upcoming year.

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Beverage Distribution Strategies for Emerging Brands

TAGGED: Sales, Industry News

Your company produces a delicious, refreshing product that you know consumers can’t wait to drink -- and buy. Even after you’ve perfected the product itself, its packaging, and decided how to market it, you might still run into trouble actually getting it into the hands of consumers. Here are three beverage distribution strategies that young brands can use to gain traction before before breaking into the larger retail landscape.

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The Beginner's Guide to SMS Marketing

TAGGED: Technology - Cloud and Mobile, Industry News

There have been many advances with the mobile device since it first launched but SMS has remained by it’s side. Text messaging has stayed reliable and efficient for almost as long as the mobile phones have been around which makes it a great tool for marketing your business. Marketing tools should be fast, direct, and powerful which is what you are getting with SMS.

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Four KPIs that all Field Service Managers Should be Tracking

TAGGED: Mobile Workforce Management, Industry News

In the age of big data, companies in all industries have found it imperative to utilize many different metrics to track their performance and stay ahead of the competition. In the service industry especially, business activity is dispersed over time and distance in the field. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are one way that field service managers can monitor remote team progress and translate large amounts of data into actionable insights. Although KPIs are best when tailored to a given individual organization, there are four core KPIs that all field service managers should track in order to foster continuous business growth.

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The Easiest Way to Update Your Nutritional Facts Label

TAGGED: Industry News

Over the past month, you may have heard about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalizing the new nutrition facts label for packaged food. Why would they update labeling? First, the label hasn’t been updated in more than 20 years. Just a quick comparison and to make you feel really old – that’s around the time that Amazon sold their first book.

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