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Repsly Moments that Matter: Ep. 2

At Repsly, we’re emphasizing customer outcomes in 2022 highlighting the many ways our customers are recognizing the value of their retail execution platform. Once a month, we’ll be putting a spotlight on a new customer, exploring a key breakthrough moment they had and how it’s impacted their retail success.

A North American retail merchandising company has been leveraging Repsly’s Insights Dashboards since 2020, which has given their brands more detailed reporting and helped ensure their brand’s products are on the shelf, promotion ready, and representing them in its best light.

Key Moment that Matters

Nothing feels better than a great comeback story, and that’s the tale of this retail merchandiser that’s partnered with Repsly on multiple occasions. This North American merchandiser had an account with Repsly long ago but momentarily switched to another retail execution platform before deploying Repsly within its field team once again in May of 2020.

When they reapproached Repsly, they cited how they missed the modern look of the Repsly platform, the user-friendliness the mobile app provided for their field reps to capture brand data, as well as the support from Repsly’s incredible Customer Success team.

Over the past two years, this retail merchandising team has been driving success at the shelf with Repsly’s Insights Dashboards, giving their broker field team a clear understanding of their potential output and current performance at scale. The dashboards have been a gamechanger for their company and they have greatly impressed and satisfied the brands that need more detailed reporting from their business through brand-specific custom dashboards built by Repsly’s data analytics team.


More recently, the retail merchandising company had another breakthrough moment when the Repsly data analytics team helped them make it easy for brands to understand what classified as a win for them, as well as the total number of wins the retail merchandising team has helped complete for each brand. 

“These new dashboard win reports have made it much easier for us to show the performance of SKUs to our brands, and have eliminated the need to break down each win to them,” said Robert, President at this North American retail merchandiser. The reports are now clear and take out any type of guesswork or ambiguity on shelf performance.”

Additionally, the retail merchandising team now has a custom internal ROI tracker that helps the team track the total expenses they should be charging each brand for their services.

Retail Analytics (1)

What's the Big Deal?

Having a great win-back story of a lost customer feels good for everyone involved. By demonstrating the value of the Repsly platform versus competitors, the relationship between Repsly and this retail merchandising brand has only continued to grow stronger and stronger since becoming trusted partners again.

Last month, we highlighted a leading pet food brand that has been using Repsly for its sales team across North America since March 2021. The pet food brand is also using Repsly’s Insights Dashboards and advanced reporting to manage their field team more intelligently by tracking sales rep performance, trainings completed, and display setups. Read the article here.

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Ben Weiner

Ben is Repsly's content marketing manager, focusing on digital storytelling through blogs, video and podcast production, and social media. He recently served as Bullhorn’s senior content marketing specialist and is also the founder of InVision Media, a video production company that helped small businesses promote their message. Before joining the workforce, Ben was the captain, president, and social media manager of the men's ice hockey team at the University of Maryland. In his spare time, he enjoys rollerblading with his dog Chewbacca, watching the Boston Bruins, listening to classic rock, and playing competitive games of Settlers of Catan. Follow Ben on Twitter: @bennybyline.

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