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Insights and Studies

4 Main Retail Execution Problems That Innovation Will Solve in the 2020s

Melissa Sonntag

The 2010s brought a new age of technology to the forefront of retail. Manufacturers started collecting data about their execution at the point of sale, and retailers started using sales data to..

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CPG Team Management

5 Things Field Teams Can Learn from Online Marketing

Jake Rheude

As much of marketing moves online, businesses consistently ask themselves how they can translate their once-offline marketing techniques to an online world. While field sales agents are asked to..

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CPG Team Management

Pro Tips for Making Field Sales Teams Successful

Matthew Brogie

This article orginally appeared on the OpenView blog. 

Research shows that a face-to-face request is 34 times more effective than one made via email. Field sales representatives understand the..

15 Min Read

CPG Team Management

“The Art of War” For Retail: How to Beat Your Competitors And Dominate Your Category

Frank Brogie

“I’d love to help you out, but I’m not sure how you’re different from what I’ve already got in the snack aisle.”

Hearing the word “no” is never easy (especially in sales), but it’s even worse when..

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CPG Tools & Tech

Demo and Sales Executive Shares Secret to 75% Growth

Frank Brogie

Merchandising, sales, and demo teams are the unsung heroes of CPG marketing. From winning new retail placements to driving sales at face-to-face events, retail services firms can have a huge..

9 Min Read


8 Retail Merchandising Tips These Sales Experts Swear By [Video]

Melissa Sonntag

What comes to mind when you think of merchandising? Is it eye-catching window displays and holiday promotions? Or maybe cross-merchandising and dump bins? While these things surely contribute to a..

1 Min Read


Behind The Brand: Highlights From Expo East 2018

Frank Brogie

At this year's Natural Products Expo East conference, we caught up with some of our favorite brands to get a behind-the-scenes look at what's driving their growth at retail. Check out the..

5 Min Read


Executing Your 2018 Business Plan: Advice from the Owner of Gotham Brands

Melissa Sonntag

We're approaching the end of Q3, and 2019 is looming on the horizon. As you execute the rest of your plan for this year, there's no doubt you're already building initiatives for after the flip..

6 Min Read

CPG Team Management

Three Field Sales Tactics to Abandon Immediately

Mary Hutto

Technology has revolutionized the way that we interact with the world. These days, consumers trade in their coffee socials for social media, brick-and-mortar establishments for e-commerce, and The..

6 Min Read

CPG Team Management

3 Ways to Achieve Data-Driven Sales Team Management Today

Dan MacDonald

As a sales manager, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of your team. There are many schools of thought as to what the best strategies are to boost your numbers. Should..

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