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How STAR Brokerage Unlocked Their Retail Execution Potential

Food and beverage brokers know that managing the execution for a handful of brands across all of their retail channels is no easy task. As the link connecting their brand clients to shelf-level execution in stores, merchandisers have a huge responsibility to support the key programs of all of their brands as well as the thousands of stores they serve.

Even the strongest merchandisers face the similar challenges of supporting thousands of stores on a tight budget and short roster. But forward-thinking companies know that in order to win in today’s CPG space, they need to differentiate their services from competitors with technology that can provide their brands with unmatched visibility into the work their field teams do for them at retail, all while measuring the team’s execution in real-time.

That’s why merchandising brokers, like STAR Brokerage, have partnered with Repsly to build unparalleled relationships with brands by providing instant access to data about how their products are sold at the shelf.

With Repsly’s retail execution platform, STAR Brokerage shows their clients the placements they’ve won and the projectes they’ve completed, giving the brands they serve a complete view of execution in their key accounts. By automatically highlighting wins and opportunities from the field with Repsly, STAR Brokerage continues to deliver more value to their customers through their field team.


Who is STAR Brokerage?

STAR Brokerage was created in Houston, Texas, as a go-to-market food and beverage broker providing services for manufacturers in promoting their brands at the retail level, and has been doing so ever since. Since 1991, STAR has provided unrivaled representation for brands at the store level.

“We have a great field team at STAR that is responsible for a handful of really key activities for every brand,” said Steve Minshew, director of retail at STAR. “Our field team opens new accounts, negotiates secondary placements, build planograms, runs compliance checks, sampling events, assures brand compliance at the shelf, reports on pricing, builds displays, as well as many other services.”


Repsly + Star Brokerage

What role does Repsly play in the way STAR delivers value to its clients?

Repsly’s retail execution platform is a vital tool for STAR Brokerage because it gives them a complete view of all their work in one place, and provides data-centric insights for potential opportunities in the field.

“With Repsly, all our work comes together in one place that you can see and measure – all our retail merchandising services and the status of your products at the shelf,” said Deniz Maslowski, marketing manager & data analyst at STAR.


Merchandising with Retail Execution Technology

Winning food and beverage brokers are supporting their field teams with technology that differentiates their services from competitors through superior execution and relationship-building with their clients. And the foundations of any great brokerage partnership are build on providing visible and measurable data that highlights the true value of the relationship.

A retail execution platform elevates your level of service and allows your company to become an irreplaceable partner to the success of your clients.

By supporting your field team with a dedicated technology platform for retail execution, you’ll also make it easier to win and execute larger, more complex projects. And with a retail execution platform, you can automatically turn store visit reports into visual dashboards so you always know how your programs and teams are performing.

“Repsly is the perfect partner for STAR Brokerage by bringing brands real-time reporting and high-quality images that exceed their expectations and meet their retail objectives,” said Deniz.


By connecting teams between offices, STAR Brokerage encourages a culture of accountability out in the field. And with Repsly, they can automatically tag each activity the team completes in the field with the time and location it was completed. It not only makes it easier to stay organized but empowers them to see where and when work is getting done.

“After 25 years of experience in the CPG industry, we have worked in the past with other reporting technologies, and Repsly is by far the best,” said Deniz. “Not only is it an excellent tool that makes our jobs easier and gives us the opportunity to share our work in real-time, but it makes analyzing and reporting the data from the field easier than ever. Which our brands and stores love to see too.”

Click below to learn more about how Repsly’s retail execution platform for brokers can unlock data-driven insights for the brands you manage to maximize their impact on sales and execution in every store.

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