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Boosting Remote Team Motivation with Mobile CRM

boosting remote team motivation with mobile CRMSmall and medium sized business (SMB) managers are constantly on the lookout for strategies that will help them motivate employees. This is especially true of SMBs whose workforces are primarily working remotely in the field. When field reps are separated by distance from each other and from managers, it can be a challenge to increase and retain motivation. One way to get employees excited about work is by implementing a mobile CRM software solution that helps do these three things:

1. Identifying Top Performers:

One of the most traditional ways to motivate employees is through rewards. Top performers in a pre-determined campaign are given prizes in return for their positive behavior; this is meant to motivate employees to push a particular business motive, such as rising sales or pushing promotional products. To accurately and fairly determine the winners of these campaigns, SMB managers need to have employees “compete” on a quantifiable scale. For this, you will need a tool that can track data easily and efficiently.

Solutions like mobile CRM software allow managers to readily track the progress of numerous activities in the field. For example, if you wanted your team to increase their number of client visits, you may incentivize them by offering a reward for the person with the highest amount of visits in one month. Field-based software tools can view reps by categories like sales, product orders, and visits. 

2. Engaging Employees:

According to a recent Gallup study, only 30% of Americans are truly engaged at work. This is a disappointing statistic because low engagement often leads to costly employee turnover and low productivity. Employees are engaged with work when they are excited about their duties and feel they are connected with the rest of the team.

Field-based software solutions can motivate employees through a streamlined system of communication. Managers can assign reps to “projects” and then comment on them or add instructions at any time. Additionally, since many field organizations have client overlap, it is crucial to have a software tool that allows the new rep to easily see the notes from the last rep. With mobile CRM software, this data is available within a mobile app. This tool offers reps clear instructions for each visit and offers managers a basis from which to evaluate performance. The open and connected culture of communication that software solutions offer will encourage employee engagement, rising the level of motivation across the team.

3. Freeing Employees:

Employees increasingly want freedom on the job. They want to feel as if their duties are intrinsically motivated and they want to have control over the tools that they use. Often, field reps have to wait in limbo for instructions from a busy manager. They become frustrated because though they could be performing, they are required to be wait on admin approval of projects.

One way to solve this is by allowing reps the freedom to assign themselves to projects though, this isn’t always an option for SMB managers. At times, the projects are of sensitive nature and you want only your best reps on the job. Other times, there is pressure from upper management to set up project management this way. A field-based software tool can solve both issues. Managers are so often overwhelmed with admin overhead like filing and correcting paperwork that reps are left waiting on them for project assignments. Leveraging mobile CRM software will free up manager time by the use of digital forms, and ease deployment of rep projects, keeping them busy and engaged with work.

The Tools of Motivation

For businesses with remote field teams, boosting motivation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Some strategies to kickstart the team include monetary incentives, positive engagement, and freedom on the job. By deploying each of these three paths, you will be able to quickly access crucial data, communicate clearly, and give reps a sense of freedom on projects. Combine these ideas with a mobile CRM software, and your field team will soon be equipped with the very best tools for success. 

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