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What Does an OUTSTANDING Brand Ambassador Do?

Nowadays, this role takes on a variety of shapes from one brand to another.

A “brand ambassador” can be an Instagram model or a friendly worker dishing out free samples at your local grocery store. Although there may be differences in how we define brand ambassadors, there is no questioning what makes a brand ambassador outstanding. Lose the fluff and nail down these four essential behaviors of any great brand ambassador.

Eat, Sleep, And Breathe Your Brand 

In the game of life, your jersey is your brand -- on your back at all times. Whether it’s a weekend stint or full-time job, you are committing to align with your brand’s values, and it’s important to take them seriously.

This is an essential component of authentic and credible customer interactions. Talking about your brand should be so natural that taglines slip out at the dinner table and into casual conversation. Truth is, there’s no clocking out when it comes to exceptional brand representation.  


Pro Tip:

Great B.A.’s keep an easily accessible digital log of all the key points they need to know about their brand. Study up on your brand, pull out branded messaging, and prepare for possible conversation topics. For example, notes in your phone may look something like this:  

 Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 2.06.17 PM.png

Keep it Social

It’s not enough to just grin and bear it. Meaningful interactions go beyond the script and into friendlier territory. Along with nailing down brand information, star ambassadors are able to effortlessly weave in personal anecdotes and contribute to any conversation.

Some interactions will be more one-sided than others, but it should never be awkward -- sometimes you’re positioned to do more talking, and other times you’re better off listening; be ready for both. As a brand ambassador, you are an all people person -- period.


Pro Tip:

The best B.A.’s are expert listeners. They know never to interrupt or force a conversation in a certain direction, since the customer will judge the interaction based on how kind and friendly you are -- not necessarily how much information you give.



Plan Meticulously

Your to-do lists should have to-do lists -- no joke. Exact, specific, and deliberate organization keeps phenomenal brand ambassadors calm, cool, and collected. You must be able to expertly budget your time in order to allow for meaningful data collection on the spot. As your brand’s eyes and ears in the field, you are the source of extremely valuable information. Nothing should ever get lost in translation, and with good organization and preparation, nothing ever will. 


Pro Tip:

Experienced B.A.’s have an organizational system on lock. Divide your day’s actionable items into personal and professional; don’t be afraid to get granular. 


Mind Your Manors

In nearly every interaction, a professional brand ambassador knows she is a guest in someone else’s store or venue. Always be mindful of this and never overstep. Introduce yourself to the head honcho in a timely and friendly manner. Gauge what he needs and offer to help if you can. Be sure to hold tight to your brand values and represent the company to the best of your ability. 


Pro Tip:

Gold star B.A.’s have a great relationship with store employees -- they become your brands’ ambassadors after you leave. Urge them to sample your product, provide information and coupons, and leave any extra product with them. Write down employees’ names and any personal nuggets of information you learn for next time.

Before you apply for a brand ambassador position, check out our free resume and cover letter template here.

Do you already have a brand ambassador program in place, but are looking for how to grow it? Click below to learn more.brand ambassador program

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