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Enhancing Retail Execution: The Power of Streamlined Data

Enhancing Retail Execution: The Power of Streamlined Data

In the era of data-driven decision-making, we understand the significant impact that organized data can have on your retail execution strategies. Yet, the pains associated with disorganized and out-of-sync data are all too familiar. Having valuable information without an efficient way to track or organize it can be incredibly frustrating.

The ability to turn data into actionable insights is an incredibly important competitive advantage in today’s market. In order to set your team up for success and make sure you’re outpacing your competitors, you need visibility into every aspect of your field team’s operations.

We've seen these challenges faced by field and merchandising teams, where multiple tools track different facets of data. With up to a dozen tools in play, managing retail execution becomes a complex endeavor. Fortunately, these issues are entirely solvable when you have an organized retail execution platform in place. 

One Dashboard for Everything You Need

There’s a tool for everything these days, which can be a blessing and a curse. It’s wonderful to streamline portions of our work, but when it comes time to manipulate data from various sources that’s when things get dicey. This becomes a glaring issue when you attempt to create a report on your field team’s in-store retail performance and that data is spread among your CRM, routing tool, project management app, and survey tool.

You may have some of these tools integrated with each other. But since none of these systems were specifically built to track retail execution and sales performance, they typically don’t do a great job of organizing that data for you. This means that you have to do quite a bit of manual work in order to get those reports that you need. 

With a retail execution platform like Repsly, all of the data you need to track retail execution, field sales, workforce performance, and planogram compliance is in one easy-to-use system. Rather than bouncing around different softwares and exporting the spreadsheets only to then have to stitch them together, you can simply log in to one dashboard and find everything you need to yield valuable insights.

Real-Time Visibility into Field Team Data

Losing hours or even days because you have to wait for your data from the field to load is a uniquely aggravating issue. You’ve done the work to make sure you’re tracking data, but now you’re subject to the whims of WiFi and processing times. On top of that, you have deadlines and goals that you’re potentially missing as a result of these delays. 

With a streamlined retail execution platform, you can get the information you need to drive sales immediately instead of having to wait around for up to a week to get those insights. In today’s fast-paced market, your team needs to be as agile as possible in order to keep up with the competition.

Uncover Opportunities to Increase Your ROI

Having a disconnected system of tools isn’t just frustrating, it could also be losing you money. These losses can occur in a few different ways. For one, you’re likely spending more time than you need trying to collect, organize, and share data, Your field team may be using multiple applications in the field which adds more time to their store visits and on top of that, back at headquarters, you’re losing time waiting for data to sync and then manually exporting it from multiple sources.

Secondly, purchasing and implementing many different tools is costly. Not only is it time-consuming to implement tools and get over the learning curve, but it’s also less cost effective to have a variety of tools that each serve a different purpose rather than having one tool that combines all of those capabilities into one single application.

Lastly, and most importantly, you may be missing out on opportunities to drive sales. Your field team may have opportunities to sell more, but you just can’t see it. For example, as a result of implementing our retail execution software one of Repsly’s customers uncovered that sales increased by 35% when their field reps visited Walmart. 

Implementing a unified retail execution tool not only saves time and costs but also uncovers opportunities to drive sales that might be overlooked with a disjointed tech stack.

Empowered Field Teams

Just as a coach empowers a team with a strategy for success, leaders need visibility into their team's performance. Tracking team performance, store visits, and sales in one consolidated platform provides the foundation for a cohesive strategy, enabling leaders to guide their teams to success and empower field reps for effective shelf management. And, with smarter merchandising, promotion, and sales execution strategies for your field team, your reps will be empowered to take back the shelf.

Data is not just information; it's the key to better results. Field teams leveraging Repsly have demonstrated increased store visits, revenue growth, and improved retention. For a firsthand look at how this works, take a tour here

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Luciana Marzilli Lord

With a dynamic career spanning many years in the field of marketing, Luciana Marzilli Lord is currently serving as the Senior Director of Marketing at Repsly. Prior to Repsly, Luciana spent many years in the B2B Boston tech scene in working in the Workplace and Healthcare industries - as well as the B2C Retail space working on Brand Marketing for TJX.

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Enhancing Retail Execution: The Power of Streamlined Data


Enhancing Retail Execution: The Power of Streamlined Data

Luciana Marzilli Lord

In the era of data-driven decision-making, we understand the significant impact that organized data can have on your retail execution strategies. Yet, the pains associated with disorganized and..