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10 Members Of #TeamRepsly Nominated For Veggie Awards!

10 Members Of #TeamRepsly Nominated For Veggie Awards!

Repsly is proud to share that 10 of the companies nominated for the 16th annual Veggie Awards are part of the Repsly community! 

VegNews, a prominent vegan magazine, has opened voting for the world’s largest survey of vegan products, people, and places. The Veggie Awards are a prestigious indicator of a brand’s success in the highly competitive vegan industry. Voting ends August 31st,  and winners will be announced in the November+December 2017 edition of VegNews Magazine.


About The Veggie Awards

The Veggie Awards focus on shoppers' favorite vegan products. This measure is based on a product’s nutrition, brand, values, popularity, and in food and beverage categories, taste.


Veg News Veggie Awards

                                                                                                                                                       VegNews Magazine


The number of Americans who identify as vegans is quickly growing. They are joined by vegetarians and “flexitarians,” people who eat meat but less of it, in helping to  expand the vegan category. This shift comes as consumers are begining to associate veganism with health, rather than just animal welfare. In fact, 35 percent of consumers associate vegan with health food. This shift is forcing brands to produce higher quality good-for-you products that taste good, too.

These brands are the best of the best and are well-deserving of their respective Veggie Award Nominations. Repsly is proud to help companies succeed both in day-to-day operations and special moments of recognition. On behalf of the rest of the Repsly team, congrats! We wish you the best of luck. Vote here to help them win!


Congratulations to These 13 Brandsballoons-296746_960_720.png


Biena - Favorite Vegan Snack

Biena chickpea snacks are an office favorite, often passed around from desk to desk between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 PM. Not only are they good for ya, but they hep us beat those afternon hunger pains. (Plus, they're located right here in Boston, too! That oughta be worth some bonus points.) 



Hippeas - Favorite Vegan Snack

Hippeas tells customers to “give peas a chance,” but they don’t warn you that peas are pretty freakin’ delicious and you’re going to want them every day. Leonardo Dicaprio agrees, as one of the brand's recent investors!


Grab a handful of light & crunchy chickpea goodness #HIPPEAS

A post shared by HIPPEAS (@hippeas_snacks) on

UNREAL Candy- Favorite Vegan Candy

UNREAL Candy is Tom Brady’s favorite candy, and Tom Brady is our favorite quarterback. So, by the transitive property, UNREAL Candy is our favorite candy.


Health-Ade Kombucha - Favorite Kombucha 

Health-Ade Kombucha bottles are kept like trophies at Repsly HQ – seriously. There may not be a Repsly shrine in return, but we do help them make sales out in the field.


Health-Ade bottles at Repsly headquarters


Lenny & Larry’s - Favorite Vegan Cookie

 Lenny & Larry’s vegan cookies are almost too good to be true. Sometimes we have to eat two or three to be sure we're not dreaming!



😍Nothing but heart eyes for Double Chocolate😍 TAG your favorite athlete 👇👇

A post shared by Lenny & Larry's (@lennyandlarrys) on


Forager Project - Favorite Fresh Juice, Favorite Vegan Milk, Favorite Vegan Yogurt

 Forager Project has Cashewgurt, dairy-free milk, drinkable Cashewgurt, smoothies, shakes, juice, and pressed vegetable chips. It's like your childhood favorites all grew up to be vegan.



Mamma Chia - Favorite Energy Bar

Mamma Chia brings chia seed magic to the masses with its wide range of delcious products – from beverages, to granola, to straight up seeds. It's awesome to see a brand so well-known for their beverages making a splash with a snack bar, too!



LIVE Kombucha - Favorite Kombucha

LIVE Kombucha has the best flavor spread we’ve ever seen, for the times you want a root beer, but also want kombucha. Having such a wide range of flavors is great for an emerging category looking to attract new shoppers. Keep it up, LIVE! 



Sweet bubbly nectar. 😋 #LIVE . . . 📷 credit: @hollieandstephen

A post shared by LIVE Beverages (@live_beverages) on


Kevita - Favorite Kombucha

With Kevita's nationwide distribution and convenient placements at CVS all over Boston, we love how Kevita makes it easy to fill our kombucha fix wherever we are! 



Cheers back atchya @inspiring_accidental_health. #KeVitaLove #Kombucha

A post shared by KeVita (@kevitadrinks) on


Plus, they seem to like us too, so it feels like a win-win. 😉

Wistia video thumbnail - Kevita

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Revive Kombucha - Favorite Kombucha

Revive Kombucha brings the good vibes with its colorful packaging, fun flavors, and satisfying twist-off bottlecap. In a segment that's full of new entrants, Revive is doing a great job of differentiating itself.



We're thrilled for these 10 brands, and wish all of them the best of luck in this year's Veggie Awards! To help them win, and to see who else is nominated, click here to vote before August 31!



Check out the video below to see how Health-Ade is growing its brand presence and market share with Repsly. Want to learn more? Read the case-study here! 


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Elise Renner

Elise is a Content Marketing Journalist at Repsly, Inc., currently studying public relations and political science at Boston University. Outside of work, Elise can be found drinking Health Ade's Pink Lady Apple kombucha and catching up on the news.

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