Health-Ade Case Study

As Health-Ade Kombucha expands into new markets, it uses Repsly to organize and optimize its field sales operations. The result? A process that is as simple as it is accurate and saves the team hours of work every week.

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Business Challenge

As the founders of Health-Ade found themselves branching out into more and more markets and regions, the need arose for a more streamlined process of creating and managing their sales orders. Initially, sales were submitted in a spreadsheet format by each representative in the field, and then had to be compiled manually by management, which meant a lot of time spent organizing what was often relatively old data.

Plus, they needed a system that would allow them to track their field reps’ activities at every store and, more importantly, monitor the brand’s performance at each location.


How Repsly Addressed the Challenge

Health-Ade immediately benefited from Repsly’s Purchase Order function, which allows reps to create orders and submit them to the back office in real-time and with a uniform structure. This has added speed and efficiency to all steps of Health-Ade’s sales and ordering process.

Health-Ade also enjoyed Repsly’s geo-tagging function on photos, which gave managers immediate insight into their appearance and performance on the shelf. With photos and sales information in one location, managers can easily access any clients full history to see how the product is doing over time in any given location.


Benefits Realized with Repsly

  • Streamlined sales process in the field
  • Visibility into brand’s appearance and performance in stores
  • Convenient access to client histories helps monitor brand’s growth over time
  • Sales data compiled automatically and exported easily
  • All field data stored in central location for fast, easy reference

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