The Mobile CRM Transition: Simplified

Old habits die hard and making the jump to a new software system is no exception. There are plenty of obstacles involved with a transition from existing operations to a new system: employees may not want to learn a new system, members of your organization may have an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality, or perhaps there is concern about the cost of implementation. Whatever the issues are impeding your progress, by using a step-by-step procedural approach, organizations selling to retailers can ensure that their new Mobile CRM software has a smooth integration with existing systems.

Review the Current Situation

Before even making a purchasing decision, managers should review existing software. Are you already using software designed for field management? If not, you will want to first fully understand the benefits of these solutions and weigh it against whatever your current system provides. Since field management software is so flexible, most managers will find that they can emulate many of the functions their existing software performs at a lower cost.

Finding the Right Fit

After compiling a list of features absolutely necessary for the success of your operations, begin your search for an effective Mobile CRM solution that best meets your needs. If you can find an affordable solution which meets all of the criteria you set above then it is time to start planning your integration strategy.

To start, you should observe the technological capabilities and overall performance of your field team. If your team has given you past reason to believe they are averse to change, approach the topic of a switch in systems very carefully. While actual implementation of the software may not prove problematic, getting employees to actually use it can be troublesome. There are four key team factors that affect the ability of an organization to reap the benefits of new field management software.

Regardless of how you think your team will receive the news regarding the transition, prepare a meeting with the entire group to assuage any fears and quell any rumors which may arise. When you are satisfied with the team perception of the new field management software, you need to move into the roll-out phase. There are a few ways managers can integrate their new software, and these methods are dependent on the adaptability of your field team.

Keep an Eye on Operations

After successfully integrating the software and monitoring its use, managers should use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to check the impact that Mobile CRM software has had on their activities in the field. Checking not just performance, but team morale and financial ramifications as well is vital to the continued success of a new software campaign. Asking employees for their opinion on the new system both soon after integration and much later will offer insight into the success of your implementation.

The right Mobile CRM software can have an very positive impact on your field team, making them more efficient and saving your organization money. While the initial reception may meet resistance, having an in-depth strategy for implementation can help to clear many of the hurdles that sometimes plague unprepared managers. Although it may be difficult at first, making the shift towards Field Activity Management software is more than worth the effort involved. A little innovation goes a long way and shrinking from the idea of innovation can only slow down progress for your organization.

Introducing New Software

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