The 10 LinkedIn Groups Every Field-Based Organization Should Join

Gallery-blueLinkedIn is a fantastic tool to connect with colleagues, speak with potential employees, and follow influencers in various fields. To take full advantage of the professional social network, business owners and managers should consider joining one of the many groups established to promote better team management, observe supply chain best practices, and much more. Here are the top 10 LinkedIn groups that team managers or business owners of field-based organizations should consider joining:


1. Supply Chain Today


Setting up a proper supply chain can be difficult for those without much experience in the area. For field-based organizations, having an effective supply chain is vital to servicing every client in an efficient manner. If your field reps can’t deliver the product that your clients want, they will begin to lose faith in both your reps and your organization. Supply Chain Today offers advice that is both broad and industry-specific, and rather than having a static piece of information to read, users can contribute to the ongoing discussions and create new connections.

2. Team Building Network for Executives


A group that explores team building from a senior management perspective, only executives can join this private group. If you meet the criteria however, this international group offers articles and best practices which discuss how best to create an effective team, new developments in the area of team building, and how to be a better leader.

3. Active Training and Team Building


A place for leaders and trainers to come together, Active Training and Team Building focuses on organizational development, integrating new technology into training exercises, and even how to give presentations to your team. As any field-based business owner or manager knows, keeping up with constantly changing employee expectations regarding training and development can be difficult. Take the hassle out of researching what’s new with this fantastic group.

4. Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce


A hot topic in recent years, the emergence of the millennial generation into the workforce has proved challenging for many team leaders and managers who were not prepared for the unique personalities and expectations that the millennial generation carriyes with them. With this group, managers and business owners can learn directly from their peers about how to best interact with and manager employees from any generation.

5. Marketing, PR, and Sales Innovators


If field marketing or promotions are the areas in which your field-based organization operates, then this group is for you. With the ability to network with over 300,000 members, there is never a lack of information or content available for members. Project management, small business growth, and even creating a basic marketing plan for your business are all available to group members.

6. Sales Best Practices


Many field-based organizations have a sales component that their reps are responsible for. Plain and simple, this group offers best practices and new strategies for selling, marketing, team management, and productivity. A quick and easy way to gain some new insight into sales each day, Sales Best Practices is a group worth joining for both managers and their reps in the field. 

7. Sales and Marketing Leaders


Similar in spirit to the above group, Sales and Marketing Leaders focuses more on the sales process than on team building. Both inbound and outbound sales, pipeline management, and lead generation are common topics within the group, and joining couldn’t be easier. With nearly 40,000 members, there will always be someone to discuss your sales strategy with.

8. Harvard Business Review


The Harvard Business review offers incredible content for field-based organizations across many platforms, and LinkedIn is no exception. With just over one million members, the management-intensive group is a must-join for anyone involved with business, but is even more important for those who will be leading teams or creating them.

9. Institute of Learning and Management


The ILM is a private group, but with just shy of 20,000 members, joining is not difficult. Similar in spirit to their website, ILM is a place where experience meets learning. A fantastic forum for experienced managers to offer advice, and for new managers to gain insight, send a join request today and start contributing. 

10.  Managers are Heroes


Being a manager isn’t easy. Every day is a new challenge, and leaders quickly learn to expect the unexpected. Managers are Heroes understand this, and discusses different ways to keep teams, managers, and entire organizations sane and under control.



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Cam Garrant is the marketing manager at Repsly. Passionate about delivering quality content and data-driven insights, Cam's interests include SEO, basketball, and bad jokes.

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