Software ROI:The Proof is in the Numbers.

For managers and small business owners, innovation and change in an established system are often approached with great trepidation. A fear of changing something that already works has led to many decision-makers falling behind their competition. The reality is that change is necessary in every industry.

For companies with field teams, paper forms and sparse communication between management and reps have been the standard for too long. The emergence of Field Activity Management Software has simplified field operations and employee management for a wide variety of industries, but has proven especially beneficial to organizations dealing with survey, service, sales, merchandising, and inspection operations. The ability to ensure employee accountability using GPS, create custom order forms for clients, and even collect a photo archive of employee work has led to an incredible boost in performance for businesses utilizing the cloud-based technology.

But all of this increased productivity and functionality must come at a cost, right?

Not quite.

All of the time, resources, and headaches that were commonplace with paper forms have been mitigated with Field Activity Management Software. The costs of traditional paper forms are hidden in storage, lost documents, and associated administrative overhead. Managers wary about making the jump to new software may want solid proof that their investment will provide better results and eventual bottom-line savings. Luckily, such proof is possible with our new ROI Calculator. Giving users the ability to input their organization’s information on such things as number of reps in the field and time spent on individual client visits, the calculator returns results to users indicating clear savings. The impact on sales, growth margin, and even payback period the software provides are all available after inputting a little information.

If managers and small business owners want to make their organizations more efficient but are fearful of switching from their current system, the ROI calculator will assuage their worries. Field Activity Management Software is here to stay, and the proof is in the numbers.

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Cam Garrant

Cam Garrant is the marketing manager at Repsly. Passionate about delivering quality content and data-driven insights, Cam's interests include SEO, basketball, and bad jokes.

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