How To Monitor Your Sales Team

monitoring_your_sales_teamSales Managers, "It's like a professional sports coach. What do they do? They design the best plays and then coach each athlete to use the best techniques and skill sets on every play. That's why they study and break down game film so much," explains Mike Brooks of Eye on Sales.

Let's look at the 'play' of monitoring your sales team and the most important aspects for success:

1. Make sure sales goals are clear

Depending on your sales model, sales team can be time or commissioned based. Although, whichever model you use, clear goals are the key to success.

2. Coach

We have been preaching this since the start (just like Mike Brooks). Sales managers don't need to micromanage, they need to coach. Employees need to be motivated, understood, and given the tools for success. Whether it be more information, more clear communication, or sheer help in motivating, managers are there to help and guide sales teams, not create more work.

3. Execute

To really monitor sales teams you must execute. This means, giving them the information you have promised and keeping up your end of the deal. As soon as sales teams feel that their manager is not with them, they start to wither.

4. Tracking

When it comes to tracking, efficiency is key. You don't want to spend your time as a manager tracking instead of coaching.


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Matthew Brogie

Mat Brogie is part of the founding team, and CEO of Repsly, the world's leading solution for high performance retail execution teams. Mat has spent the past 15 years of his career focused on bringing technology enabled business solutions to the consumer goods industry, having implemented solutions for tens of thousands of field reps at companies such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Pepperidge Farm and hundreds of others.

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