Influence Right Out of the Gate

influence_right_out_of_the_gate"Influence right out of the gate," exclaims Mavis Huntley of Toronto's advertising agency, John St., during this week's NXNE conference in Toronto, Canada. The Conference is the North's version of South by South West, the large interactive, music and film conference in Austin, Texas in the Spring.

Huntley is doing a presentation on What Makes an Idea Stick? She is showing slides of her agency's work to prove 8 simple points on the subject. It is hard not to listen intently when she is giving us stats like, "every sec. of downloading time turns to 7% loss of viewers"!

Here are the 8 points that make something sticky by Mavis Huntley:

1. Does an idea come from your brand.
Does it align with your positioning and messaging. Do not confuse your audience!

2. A box [around creatives] is a good thing
"The client wants this done on Facebook," Huntley.
Give your creatives a framework.

3. Throw it too the lions
Test and reiterate.

4. Impossible is nothing
Go beyond what has been done.

5. The Lazy Ask
Make sure you do not ask too much. Make it simple and for everyone.  If you are going to ask, give your audience value.

6. Utility or entertainment
Pick one.

7. Promote the sh*# out of it
Just because you create something great, doesn't mean you don't need to promote it.

8. Nothing is ever done
For more ideas from Marvis Huntley:

Jenna Hannon

Jenna Hannon is a Canadian born technology marketer and writer living in Silicon Valley. She is currently Strategic Communications at Fanhattan, advisor at Treasure Data. Jenna is also an adrenaline junkie; as a kiteboarder, skateboarder, snowboarder and surfer.

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