GPS Mobile Data Collection Software: Why “Where” Matters.

GPS Mobile Data Collection Software: Why “Where” Matters.

Mobile data collection Software employee gps tracking Every manager wants to get the best from their team, but sometimes the monthly or weekly reports just don’t add up. If every employee made every customer visit they said they did, then why are numbers so low? Why are some field reps able to visit 20 customers in a day, while others only visit 4? The answer may be that your territory management needs some tweaking, or it may be that your organization is lacking in accountability. Regardless of what the cause of the problem is, there exists a solution. With the sharp rise of mobile device usage in the workplace, employers have plenty of solutions literally at their fingertips with mobile data collection software.

How exactly can mobile data collection software help you, your organization, and your employees excel? By outfitting your representatives in the field with the proper devices (smartphones and tablets), you can see not only where they are operating throughout the day, but track their activities at each location and compile them in a central database. This is an excellent opportunity for managers to foster a culture of accountability and communication throughout the organization. Employees benefit because they are more easily recognized for their work, have evidence in their favor if customer complaints arise, and with time and mileage tracking software, can avoid punching in and out every day or keeping track of gas usage.

Mobile data collection software puts the entire organizational effort in the cloud, enabling managers to see what is happening in the field in real time, communicate with their employees through chat rooms and announcements, and analyze the data collected quickly. For businesses where employees regularly meet with different customers, mobile data collection software often has customizable mobile forms, meaning field reps can quickly gather information on individual customers or leads, and transmit that data back to managers without filling out and delivering physical paperwork.

While there are many benefits to this kind of GPS mobile data collection, many employees are still wary about the adoption of such software. Many are wary of change, and feel that the process is a way for managers to scrutinize them and micro-manage. Managers should make clear that the software is a tool for simplifying and automating parts of the field reps day-to-day tasks, and to make sure that everyone is receiving the praise they deserve. An open conversation regarding the adoption of such software is crucial if managers hope to transition from the old ways of field management to the new without problems.

The technological landscape is changing quickly and businesses that fail to adapt and evolve may find that they are quickly left behind as consumers find that newer processes are more efficient and familiar to them, by adopting some form of mobile data collection software now, employers can stay ahead of their competition, and keep organizational morale high. 

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