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Field Marketing Representative: Job Description, Examples, Salary, & More

If you’re considering hiring or applying for a job as a field marketing representative, you probably have some questions. What does a typical day in the life of a field marketer look like? How much are marketing representatives paid? Are there any education prerequisites for getting into field marketing? Below we’ll address these concerns and others to help give you a better idea of what the position entails.

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  5. What Does a Field Marketing Representative Do?
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Field Marketing Representative Definition

A field marketing representative is responsible for driving brand awareness through on-site, face-to-face interaction with consumers. Field marketers are liaisons between buyers and sellers, as they provide valuable information about products and services to consumers. They foster human relationships through communication and the distribution of marketing collateral in order to drive sales.




Field Marketing Representative Job Description

Job descriptions for field marketing representatives can vary greatly depending on the specific role a company is looking to fill. That being said, here's a sample  job description: 


The candidate will be responsible for the design, implementation, and execution of field marketing campaigns. S/he will work closely with marketing managers and the sales team to promote lead generation and create upsell opportunities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan and complete field marketing campaigns after conducting preliminary research
  • Develop robust knowledge of all product lines/services
  • Produce various literature, signage, merchandise, and other materials to be used at field marketing events
  • Maintain relationships with third-party vendors and venues
  • Negotiate with retailers and other third-party partners on promotional display and merchandise placement
  • Promote business expansion opportunities to retailers and other merchants through successful field marketing programs
  • Attend relevant trade shows and events
  • Monitor industry trends and competitor activities
  • Manage social media activity surrounding field marketing campaigns
  • Track expenses in an organized fashion
  • Report weekly/monthly on the status of field marketing activities
  • Document and share lead/customer intelligence with sales team.


Field Marketing Representative Salary

Field marketing representatives are either salaried or paid hourly. Salaries range between $35,000-$65,000 annually, depending on the candidate’s level of experience. Those who are paid hourly make an average of $15 per hour.


Field Marketing Representative Education, Skills And Experience

Many field marketing jobs require a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, communications, or another related field. It is useful to have completed additional courses in advertising, public relations, or economics if one wishes to pursue a long-term career in field marketing.

Superb written and oral communication skills are critical for carrying out field marketing responsibilities, as the position requires an aptitude for interpersonal relationship-building and negotiating. Candidates should also posses excellent time management and organizational abilities. Remaining self-motivated and flexible is also integral to the nature of the work.

Having prior experience in the marketing industry is ideal for obtaining a role in field marketing. Candidates that have served a pertinent internship are preferred over those who have not.

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What Does a Field Marketing Representative Do?

Field marketers perform a variety of tasks on any given day in order to execute campaigns. Individual campaigns can be comprised of a single tactic or several moving parts. Some examples of field marketing activities include product sampling, demonstrations, in-store promotions, street team promotions, leafleting, displaying, special events, lead generation, and retail support.

Field marketing reps attempt to make a connection with every consumer they come in contact with. This is often easier said than done, as consumers are quick to try out a product then flee immediately. Field marketers should use open-ended probing questions to acquire as much information as possible about buyer demands and market trends.


Clever Campaigns Fueled By Field Marketing Representatives

Numerous industries employ field marketing strategies, including food and beverage, tobacco, health and beauty, pharmaceuticals, appliances, cleaning supplies, electronics, and telecommunications. Examples of companies that have conducted notable field marketing campaigns are MillerCoors, LEGO, and Mentos.

MillerCoors: "Get Fresh Music Tour"

Miller Genuine Draft recently sponsored the “Get Fresh Music Tour”, which featured local up-and-coming artists across three cities. Field marketers participated by coordinating a pre-show event where they handed out free tickets to a few lucky fans.

LEGO: "Americana Roadshow"

LEGO created large-scale models of famous American landmarks for its “Americana Roadshow”. The exhibit was held at shopping malls around the country and featured interactive play areas. Field marketers were present to distribute mini versions of the models to interested consumers and monitor the play area.

Mentos: "Who Says No To Mentos?"

Mentos launched an experiential field marketing campaign dubbed “Who Says No to Mentos”. This initiative entailed the use of a structure called the Tubbo, where visitors stepped into a photobooth that created animated GIFs from a series of images. These GIFs were then projected digitally onto screens in the respective city centers. Field marketing representatives enhanced the experience by sharing information about how participants could connect with the brand on social media and offering free samples.


Field Marketing Representative Job Listings

Innovative, dynamic companies are almost always hiring field marketing representatives to broaden their brand awareness and boost sales. Find job openings for these positions on Indeed, LinkedIn, and Simply Hired.

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