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Field Marketers' Friends: Who You Need to Know to Be Successful

Field marketing representatives spend a considerable portion of their day interacting with numerous people outside of  their organization, including customers. Who exactly do field marketers come into contact with as part of the job? What is the nature of these relationships? Read on to learn more about the numerous entities a field marketer works with to get the job done.



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Field marketers establish partnerships with various vendors to make their promotions happen. Below are some examples of the types of vendors rep work with on a regular basis.


One way field marketing reps connect with people during events is by handing out branded merchandise. While their managers might sometimes have the necessary apparel, literature, or giveaway items on hand, reps are often responsible for ordering these items from trusted suppliers themselves. Reps have to be specific about the details of the merchandise design, the order inventory, and how the order will be received.


As with merchandise, field marketers often use signage to promote their brand during events. Reps need to specify the dimensions and design style of the signs they’ll be using to the supplier. They also have to determine how to receive the signs and whether or not any preliminary setup is required.


Some field marketing events call for speciality equipment. In certain cases, the host venue is able to provide equipment, but in other cases that’s left up to the brand to provide. For example, field marketers must procure any large-scale “experiential” items, such as a photo booth or virtual reality headset, on their own. Depending on the venue, reps might be able to avoid bringing in tables, chairs, hardware, or sound equipment.


At the heart and soul of a field marketing event is the product being promoted. If reps plan to give out samples or have products available for sale, they need to make sure they have enough on-hand beforehand. This may require placing an order with the manufacturer, as well as planning how the order will arrive at its final destination.

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Shopping Malls

Reps need to coordinate with the Director of Operations to do logistical planning for field marketing events at malls. Plan accordingly with mall staffers to help with setup and cleanup. Security guards should be informed about an increase in foot traffic on the day of the event, as well as the possibility of theft or vandalism of the merchandise or equipment being used. Ideally, the mall’s marketing department would be able to offer some pre-event promotion either throughout the building or via social media.

Independent Retailers

When holding events at independent retailers, field marketing reps should get in touch with store managers to organize logistics and pre-event promotion. Reps will likely also work with store clerks or sales associates on the day of the event to execute setup and cleanup, as well as word-of-mouth promotion throughout the store. Reps are also responsible for making security staff aware of the event.

Building relationships with retailers is key to success as a field marketing representative.

Event Venues

Concert Halls

A field marketing representative is in contact with several individuals when planning an event at a concert hall. Depending on the size of the venue, reps correspond with either the general manager or event staff manager to negotiate date, time, price, and any pre-event publicity. Should the event require special lighting, a microphone, or background music, reps may need to discuss these details with the venue’s lighting technicians and sound engineers. Reps also need to discuss the nature of the event with security guards.

Parks/Public Spaces

Should a field marketing event take place in a park or other outdoor public facility, reps should communicate with the park manager to make the necessary arrangements. Representatives also collaborate with seasonal facility employees on the day of the event to arrange setup and cleanup, and direct foot traffic. Under some circumstances, it could be mandatory to obtain a permit to hold the event on public property. In this instance, reps need to connect with the respective regulators who administer permits.


Business Partners

Field Marketing Manager

Representatives rely on the support and direction of their managers to successfully accomplish field marketing activities. Reps and managers collaborate to strategize about upcoming events and evaluate the performance of past initiatives. Reps are liable for sharing any relevant data they’ve collected in the field with their managers.


Lest we not forget one of a field marketing representative’s most important associates: the customer! As the face of the brand, reps try to make a connection with every customer they come in contact with. Whether it be through documenting their review of the product, answering questions, or providing pertinent information, field marketing reps bridge the gap between company and consumer. The relationship is mutually beneficial: customers learn about a company and its products, while reps receive invaluable insight about changing consumer demands (and hopefully a new client!).

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