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5 Advantages of a Dedicated Retail Execution Platform: Why CRM is Not Enough

5 Advantages of a Dedicated Retail Execution Platform: Why CRM is Not Enough

In today’s retail landscape, many brands are attempting to use their existing CRM software as a retail execution platform believing that this is the fastest and easiest solution. While at face value, this may seem like a quick fix to get what they need, what they are not aware of are the hurdles and challenges they’re about to face in the process.

In this blog, we will discuss why CRM is not retail execution and the benefits of using a dedicated platform to power your field teams.


The Shortcomings of Using CRM for Retail Execution

CRM software was built and optimized for people who work at desks. Whereas, retail execution is best performed by people who work in front of retail shelves. So when your reps are using CRM for retail execution via the mobile app out in the field, it often can lead to inconsistencies, low adoption rates, and messy outcomes.

  1. The hidden costs associated with using a CRM for Retail Execution

    When using a CRM for retail execution, brands often face hidden costs associated with development resources and add-ons from the app exchange. Making CRM work as a retail execution platform often requires heavy customization and/or a hodge-podge of plugins and add-ons, such as surveys, offline capability, and route optimization.  This can be expensive, time-consuming, and resource-intensive-, ultimately leading to a solution that is not as strong as what a dedicated platform like Repsly can offer. 

    A dedicated retail execution platform like Repsly provides a comprehensive solution designed specifically for retail execution, saving time and money in the long run.

  2. Development and IT Resources required to administer a platform
    Administering a CRM system for retail execution can be resource-intensive, requiring significant development and IT resources to maintain and optimize the platform. On the other hand, a dedicated platform like Repsly is designed to be user-friendly and require minimal resources to manage, making it a more efficient choice for field teams.  Oftentimes, due to low adoption out in the field, the system admins find themselves still on the receiving end of data via spreadsheets and email.

  3. How a dedicated Retail Execution platform can improve adoption rates

    A clean, intuitive UX is crucial for ensuring high adoption rates among field teams. A dedicated retail execution platform like Repsly offers an optimal user experience tailored to retail execution, leading to better data quality and decision-making. Gone are the days of low adoption of CRM in the field, and usage of antiquated data collection methods.

  4. Flexibility: Customize Workflows and Integrate with Other Tools

    A dedicated retail execution platform offers greater flexibility to customize workflows and integrate with other tools. CRM systems are often inflexible and require add-ons to optimize for retail execution. By choosing a dedicated platform like Repsly, companies can ensure their retail execution solution is tailored to their unique needs and can be easily integrated with other tools.

  5. Reduced Reliance on Third-Party Consultants

    When using a CRM for retail execution, companies often rely on third-party consultants to manage the platform, facilitate integration to other systems of record, and implement necessary modifications. With a dedicated platform like Repsly, companies have access to a team of experts dedicated to supporting the platform, eliminating reliance on third-party consultants and providing valuable support and resources.

The Benefits of a Dedicated Retail Execution Platform

A retail execution platform provides a clean user experience for field teams, leading to quality data input and better decision-making.  High adoption rates and consistent execution are also key benefits of using a platform specifically built for retail execution.

Repsly can coexist seamlessly with CRM systems, protecting the investments brands have made in their CRM software. This enables field teams to input quality data into the CRM environment via an intuitive user experience. Corporate teams can then leverage these insights to make better business decisions, instead of battling their field teams on low CRM adoption.

Why Choose Repsly for Retail Execution

Repsly is designed to offer a comprehensive RetEx solution out of the box, with a quick and easy implementation process that takes only weeks, as opposed to the many months it would take to adapt a CRM system for the same purpose. By using Repsly, brands can save valuable time, resources, and effort that would otherwise be spent on trying to make their CRM work for retail execution.

Repsly also integrates smoothly with existing CRM systems, allowing them to continue serving as the system of record if necessary. This ensures a seamless workflow between CRM and retail execution, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of both platforms.  CRM should continue to be used for pre and post call planning, as well as lead and opportunity management, while a dedicated RetEx system is used for field level execution.

While it may be tempting to use a CRM system for retail execution, doing so can lead to a number of complications and inefficiencies. Don't settle for the pain that comes with "one size fits all" CRM solutions when you could succeed with a tool built specifically for retail execution.

Instead, brands should invest in a dedicated retail execution platform, like Repsly, which offers a seamless user experience, high adoption rates, and consistent execution.  By choosing a solution specifically built for the field, brands can save time, resources, and money, while ensuring that their field teams have the best tools to succeed.

Ben Weiner

Ben is Repsly's content marketing manager, focusing on digital storytelling through blogs, video and podcast production, and social media. He recently served as Bullhorn’s senior content marketing specialist and is also the founder of InVision Media, a video production company that helped small businesses promote their message. Before joining the workforce, Ben was the captain, president, and social media manager of the men's ice hockey team at the University of Maryland. In his spare time, he enjoys rollerblading with his dog Chewbacca, watching the Boston Bruins, listening to classic rock, and playing competitive games of Settlers of Catan. Follow Ben on Twitter: @bennybyline.

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