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7 Retail Merchandising Strategies to Drive Sales

Sarah Mooney

One of the most common reasons brands lose out to a competing brand is because customers change their minds based on something they see, learn, or do when interacting with a product in-store. Follow these retail merchandising rules to tip the scale in your favor.

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6 Min Read


3 Minutes in the Whole Foods Snack Aisle with a Millennial Shopper [Video]

Sarah Mooney

We try to get over to Whole Foods at least once a week, at least to say "hey" to some of our customers and scout out new trends and brands. While we're walking up and down the aisles, we always have..

13 Min Read


5 Reasons More Leaders Should Be Conducting Competitive Reports

Sarah Mooney

Educated field teams, CRM platforms, strategic placements and killer packaging are all important tools to your brand’s success. So are you.

9 Min Read

Insights and Studies

How to Analyze Your Competitive Landscape And Sell More [Video]

Sarah Mooney

Competition can be tiring and downright frustrating, but it’s a given in the food and bev retail hustle. Now, you aren’t going let that slow you down, are you? Nope, didn’t think so. Instead, use the..

5 Min Read

Field Marketing

7 Field Team Management Lessons from Game of Thrones

Sarah Mooney

Okay. It sounds like a stretch, but stick with me.

The seventh season of Game of Thrones premiered on Sunday, July 16th, on HBO.

In preparation, the Repsly team rewatched last season, shared..

CPG Sales Guide

5 Ways to Identify Growth Opportunities and Prioritize Your Accounts

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9 Min Read

Merchandising Definitions by Retail Role: Are You a Good Example?

Sarah Mooney

The Obvious: Merchandising means something a little different for every retail role.

The Lesson: By understanding the differences in the definition of merchandising between roles, and applying this..

27 Min Read

Merchandising Reset Lingo from A to Z [Glossary]

Sarah Mooney

Merchandising resets are key to a successful merchandising strategy and involve completely reorganizing a category, department, or sometimes even an entire store.

6 Min Read

Supply Chain Management

Stock Rotation Refresher: Educational GIFs & Interactive Infographic

Sarah Mooney

Whether you need a refresher on stock rotation or are learning about it for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. Stock rotation isn’t glamorous, but it’s important and can save a business..

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The 3 Types of Data You Need to Explode Sales in Your Highest Priority Retailers


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3 Min Read

Service Industry News

Our Favorite Twitter Reactions to Amazon Buying Whole Foods

Sarah Mooney

On Friday, the food and bev space was abuzz over the news that Amazon is buying Whole Foods. From the purchase’s impact on company culture to the $13.7 billion price tag (cue Dr. Evil voice), there..

5 Min Read

Field Sales

3 Action Steps to Get Your Product in Stores

Sarah Mooney

Rather than using a distributor, you’ve decided to directly sell your product to retail stores. This can be the right move for younger brands that don’t have the budget or volume to outsource just..

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