6 Sales Trends to Focus on in 2020

Ronita Mohan

Sales trends in the CPG industry have been slowly evolving over the past five years, and we are going  to see the effects of those changes in 2020.

We outline six of the biggest sales trends CPG brands will be seeing this year and what they can do to adapt their business plan template accordingly.


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3 Min Read


Pro Tips For Using KPIs to Drive Performance

Victoria Vessella

As the adage goes, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. The use of key performance indicators (KPIs) across many different facets of business proves this point. Managers have come to rely on..

10 Min Read


Top Food and Beverage Industry Trends 2020

Maddie Davis

The food and beverage industry is rapidly evolving to stay in line with modern customer demands. As the year unfolds we’re seeing brands lead the way in innovation for improved products, product..

8 Min Read


How to Build the Ultimate Merchandising Strategy at Sephora, Ulta, and CVS

Sara Mack


When shopping for cosmetics, today’s customers look for a brand that appeals to a wide audience rather than just the stereotypical makeup-loving girl. Customers demand a brand that fulfils their..

5 Min Read


5 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Your Brand International

Robin Kachuck via BrandBear Strategy + Design

Building an international brand - one that successfully straddles geographic borders - can be complex and risky. So to start, Canada would seem to be an obvious first choice for US companies who want..

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5 Ways to Identify Growth Opportunities and Prioritize Your Accounts

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3 Minutes in the Whole Foods Snack Aisle with a Millennial Shopper [Video]

Sarah Mooney

We try to get over to Whole Foods at least once a week, at least to say "hey" to some of our customers and scout out new trends and brands. While we're walking up and down the aisles, we always have..

6 Min Read


The 3 P's of Shelf Presence

Victoria Vessella

What does your products’ shelf presence say about your brand? A lot, actually. The store shelf is often shoppers’ first point of interaction with your products, so how they’re merchandised can make..

11 Min Read


There's Some Cool Psychology Behind Impulse Buys [Infographic]

Victoria Vessella

You’d be surprised why shoppers buy the way that they do. If your brand is in a sales slump, you can benefit from tapping into these tendencies to move products off the shelf faster. Getting..

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The 4 Key Principles of Successful Retail Marketing

Elise Renner

What is retail marketing?

Retail marketing is the process of bringing a product directly to customers in a retail store. It involves the planning, promotion, and presentation of a product. Having a..

7 Min Read


The Essential Checklist for Food Product Labels [Checklist]

Marvin Magusara

Food labels are a basic tool used by consumers when choosing food in stores. The information on the packaging label should be understandable, good quality printing, and must not be covered or..

5 Min Read


3 Tasty Tips to Improve Your Food Marketing Strategy

Victoria Vessella

In a space with fierce competition, food companies rely on compelling marketing strategies to stay afloat. While a comprehensive food marketing strategy consists of several moving parts, there are..

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