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Repsly in Review: 2020 Top Product Enhancements

While CPG brands across the globe were forced to re-examine the way they do business in light of the global pandemic, the Repsly team has stayed committed to continuing to improve our product and services in order to enable your field team to be as effective as possible in every key account. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of the top product enhancements that we rolled out in 2020 so you can make the most out of your investment in Repsly.

Read on or watch along as Repsly’s Chief Product Officer, Pete Billante, walks through a review of the top three product updates and enhancements from this past year, including Retail Sales Reporting, Multiple Choice Form Questions, and Calendar Sync.


Retail Sales Reporting

The first major update we were thrilled to bring to you in 2020 was our all-new Retail Sales Reporting feature. Now, you can use your store-level point-of-sale data feeds from some of the largest retailers’ online portals and syndicated data sources, in your Repsly account, giving your entire field team insight into how their products are moving off the shelf in their top accounts.

The retail sales data dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your performance – allowing you to sort and filter by your top retail chains, or you can filter by product and look across chains. The retail sales dashboard helps sales managers and teams figure out where they should be spending their time and effort, and where there is the biggest opportunity for uplift on sales and improvements.

On the Repsly mobile app, we put the sales information right at your reps’ fingertips. After they check into a store, they can just tap the sales button and see sales across all products, either by dollar amount or unit sales. Having up-to-date sales information at their fingertips enables them to have data-based conversations with a store manager or buyer about their products.


Multiple Choice Form Question Type

We spent a lot of time listening to our customers early in the year, hearing ideas on how to make their merchandising teams and programs perform better, and one of the themes that we continued to hear was the need to have even more flexible ways to capture data in-store.

We have since added an 11th question type as the newest option in our flexible Form builder. With the multi-select multiple-choice question format, your field teams now have more flexibility when reporting conditions from the shelf to get the right information.

You can now capture information about which competitors are there and present and which ones are on sale by selecting multiple competitive choice options. 


Calendar Sync

Now you can simply add your Repsly schedule to your favorite calendar app, whether you use Outlook, Google, or Apple. Once they’ve synced, new Repsly appointments will automatically appear next to your other meetings for the day, so you only have to use one app to keep track of your schedule.

No more switching between calendars while you’re on a way to a visit. Repsly fits right into the workflows you like best.

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Ben Weiner

Ben is Repsly's content marketing manager, focusing on digital storytelling through blogs, video and podcast production, and social media. He recently served as Bullhorn’s senior content marketing specialist and is also the founder of InVision Media, a video production company that helped small businesses promote their message. Before joining the workforce, Ben was the captain, president, and social media manager of the men's ice hockey team at the University of Maryland. In his spare time, he enjoys rollerblading with his dog Chewbacca, watching the Boston Bruins, listening to classic rock, and playing competitive games of Settlers of Catan. Follow Ben on Twitter: @bennybyline.

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