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Product Launches, Seasonal Promos & More: Repsly’s New Ordering Software Is Here!


We’re excited to announce the latest release from Repsly: an all-new order entry software for field teams. Now you can use Repsly to launch products and promotions to your retail accounts in minutes while saving your team valuable time during every store visit.


Retail execution teams are key to making their products succeed in the store. For most of a product’s lifecycle that means making sure it’s well stocked and that the shelf is appealing and properly merchandised. But when field teams order new products to the store they have an opportunity to make an even bigger impact.


Bringing in new SKUs, launching seasonal promotions, running discounts for key retailers: all of these programs have the potential to deliver a huge lift in sales. But brands rarely have the tools they need to coordinate these kinds of programs with their field sales teams. 


That’s why we’re excited to announce Repsly’s all-new ordering system, designed to make mobile ordering faster and easier for field sales reps, even when their products are on promotion. 


Seasonal Products and Limited Time Promos Without the Headache


Repsly’s new ordering system makes launching seasonal promotions across territories and retailers easier than ever. Seasonal products automatically appear and disappear from your team’s product list during promotional windows, and reduced pricing can automatically kick in if you’re discounting products to retailers.

Follow the same workflow for new product launches, too. When launching SKUs in select retailers, Repsly will automatically show the new product to your team when they’re checked in at select stores. Repsly makes it easy to make sure every rep has access to the right products at the right prices at the right time.

The best part? Once you set up your promotion in Repsly it automatically becomes available to your reps in the field with the click of a button. No more headaches, just execution made easy.


Faster Store Visits for More Efficient Sales Reps


Once you’ve set up your promotions or product assortments for each store, Repsly’s new ordering system makes it easy for reps to place accurate orders quicker during every store visit.

We’ve always been proud to be the easiest software for field reps on the go, and our new ordering workflow is no different. Built-in barcode scanning allows reps to build orders in seconds, and high-res product images make finding the right item easier than ever — even when product names are almost identical.

We’ve spent the last decade learning every little nuance of sales and merchandising visits, so your team will find every workflow purpose-built with speed and efficiency in mind.



As always, we built our new ordering system to be flexible — to streamline ordering for as many brands, product catalogs, and promotions schedules as possible. If your retail execution team handles ordering, we’d love to show you what their workflow could look like in Repsly. Click here to schedule a time to chat!

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Frank Brogie

Frank Brogie is the Product Marketing Manager at Repsly. When he’s not thinking about how to position and sell Repsly’s products, Frank loves to explore Boston by bike and hunt for vintage cars through a camera lens. On weekends you can count on Frank to organize a pickup basketball game or play disc golf. An avid podcast listener, Frank recommends Philosophize This, 99% Invisible, and Radiolab.

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