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Customize Your Product Catalog

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Streamline Order Entry in the Field


Simplify Returns Processing

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Automate Sales Reporting

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Customize Your Product Catalog

Configure your product catalog so your team has access to the right products in the right stores at the right time.
Seasonal Items

Seasonal items automatically appear and disappear from your team's available product list.

Promotional Pricing

Set temporary pricing for limited-time promotions.

Location-Specific Availability

Adjust product availability and price by store or banner.

Product Details

Round out your product list with details for every item, from weight to case count and more.

Find products with Repsly's barcode scanner.
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Track order history by rep, account, product and more.

Streamline Order Entry in the Field

Find and order any product in seconds with Repsly's in-app barcode scanner and visual product catalog.
Eliminate Errors

High quality product images make it easy to select the right item, even when names are similar.

Find Products Quickly

Scan, locate, and order products off the shelf with Repsly's built-in barcode scanner or Bluetooth device.

Review Order History

See the date and quantity of each previous order, so you always know exactly how much to re-order.

Track Ordering Trends

Get instant, automated reports on orders by account, product, team member, and more.

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Simplify Returns Processing

Do more than just accept unsold products. Understand the where and why behind every return.
Accept Returns in Bulk

Process returns with the same workflow you use for ordering. Simply scan, select, and accept.

Instant Return Reports

Capture a reason code with every return so you can understand and prevent your products from going unsold.

Orders Reporting

Automate Sales Reporting

Live, visual reporting for your entire field sales team.
Visual Reports

See order trends by account, banner, and territory with intuitive, automated reports.


Connect Repsly directly to your order management system for seamless order tracking.

Repsly completely changed the way we're running our sales operation. We’re leaner, hitting more accounts, and holding our partners more accountable for our sales goals.

Steve Koonce

Director of Sales, Edge Brewing

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