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4 Key Capabilities You Can Achieve with Repsly’s Insights Dashboards

4 Key Capabilities You Can Achieve with Repsly’s Insights Dashboards

CPG sales and merchandising leaders have long struggled to measure the way their teams get work done in the field. 

That’s why we built Insights Dashboards — the next evolution of Repsly’s retail execution analytics offering — to give brand and broker field teams a clear understanding of their potential output and current performance at scale. 

Armed with advanced analytics about team activity and performance, rep productivity, and shelf-level execution, sales and merchandising leaders can make more effective decisions when planning and forecasting work, setting goals, making hiring decisions, and coaching their reps.

Here’s how our customers are using analytics from their Insights Dashboards to more intelligently achieve their growth goals in the field. 

We’re constantly making updates and enhancements to the Repsly platform so that it will work harder for you. Missed our recent product update on Document Library? Learn everything you need to know about Document Library here.  


What can you do with Insights Dashboards?

Planning and Forecasting

With pre-built team performance reports, Insights Dashboards automatically measures your team’s average productivity so you can plan and forecast project execution in the field. With filters for region or execution type, team leads can get a quick snapshot of their team’s average performance and more accurately forecast how quickly their team will be able to complete projects.


Goal Setting

Once you understand your team’s average performance, you can set challenging goals that push your team to improve. With ease of access to WoW, MoM, and YoY views, brands can better forecast realistic goals, track in real-time how the team is trending towards those goals, and proactively step in to help where necessary to meet those goals. 



The team performance reports also make it easy to understand your team’s ability to cover your most important accounts so you can optimize staffing and territory assignment to meet demand. Whether your field team is asked to support additional stores, complete more merchandising surveys, or increase visit frequency to your top accounts, it’s important to recognize what each territory is capable of covering so you know whether you have room to ramp up productivity or if you’ll need to hire additional team members to support the new demand. 



Our detailed rep scorecard reports empower team leaders to drill down to see how each team, territory, and rep impacts coverage in the field, and answer the question: How can I make my team more productive?  With detailed insights on daily productivity, including time worked, visits made, and time spent in store, we help team leads use data to review and coach areas of improvement with each rep to help the team accomplish their best work.


Why Insights Dashboards?

  • Trended and summarized data: With MoM and YoY performance trends, Insights Dashboards help team leaders quickly identify wins and areas for improvement.

  • Flexible reporting views: Create and share unique views for each stakeholder on your team with flexible filters for drilling down by territory, retail customer, product category, promotion, and more. 

  • Dashboards that meet your unique business needs: Work with the Repsly data team to configure reports to meet your unique business needs. 

  • Simplified data access for everyone: Give everyone on your team access to the latest performance and execution data. No reporting bottlenecks. No waiting for quarterly reports. Just the data you need, when you need it. 

Better retail execution starts with better data. Manage your field team more intelligently with next-level insights on their performance in the field. Get in touch with us to learn how your field team can get started with Insights Dashboards.

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