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Field Operations Manager: Definition, Job Description, Salary, and More

Field Operations Manager: Definition, Job Description, Salary, and More

Companies that use field teams to merchandise, market, and sell their products often rely on a field operations manager to organize and optimize their strategy. But field operations managers do more than simply manage field representatives' day-to-day activities.

Here's everything you need to know about the role of field operations manager:

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  2. Field Operations Manager Job Description
  3. Field Operations Manager Salary
  4. Field Operations Manager Education Level, Experience, and Qualifications
  5. Field Operations Manager Job Listings

Field Operations Manager Definition

Field operations managers are responsible for executing and improving their company's field marketing, sales, and merchandising initiatives. This may include hiring and training a team of field reps, evaluating and analyzing their performance, and planning and managing logistics.

Untimately, field operations managers are the backbone of any large field team, ensuring the team has the skills, resources, and support to successfully execute its strategy.  


Field Operations Manager Job Description


Job Summary:

Seeking a field operations manager to professionalize our field sales, marketing, and merchandising organization. Successful candidates will be talented team managers, as the role centers around establishing and improving execution, evaluation, and communication best practices.  


Job Responsibilities:

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cooordinate with sales and marketing executives to develop field strategies and initiatives
  • Hire, onboard, and train field representatives
  • Assess and evaluate team and individual performance
  • Fill knowledge gaps through additional training and professional development programs
  • Measure, analyze, and communicate progress toward strategic goals

Field Operations Manager Salary

The average field operations manager salary is $70,880, according to Glassdoor. That number can vary widely depending on the company's industry and location, however. Below is a heat map of field ops manager salary by major U.S. city. 

Data provided by Glassdoor's anonymous salary survey. 



Field Ops Manager Education Level, Skills, and Experience

Most field operations manager positions require a bachelor's degree in a business-related field, plus several years of managerial experience. Some companies may also require a post-graduate qualification or MBA. 

When hiring a brand manager, companies typically look for the following qualities and skills: 

  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Experience managing a large budget
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Experience evaluating and training team members
  • Analytical, goal-oriented work style 



Field Operations Manager Job Listings

For an up-to-date list of field ops manager jobs, use these links for real-time searches from Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn

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