Top 10 Retail Marketing Blogs to Follow

Top 10 Retail Marketing Blogs to Follow

shelf-shop-707592_1920-898585-edited.jpgRetail is changing quickly, and not just in terms of what is being sold. How products reach consumers, who those consumers are, and how they pay are all important changes which should be discussed and acted upon now if retailers want to stay competitive in the near future. The following ten blogs offer advice across each of the many facets of retail—from employee management to technology, these ten blogs should be a staple of your RSS library.

1.      Retail Design Blog by Artica

If you’re looking for a fantastic visual merchandising resource, look no further than Artica’s Retail Design Blog. Offering actionable advice and visual examples on store design, branding, exhibit design, and more, The Retail Design Blog updates regularly and brings users examples from all over the world.

2.      RetailPro

RetailPro looks at changing consumer demographics, the changing retail landscape, and observes how new technologies are changing everything we ever knew about the retail industry. With regular posts, often multiple times per week, RetailPro should be a great addition to any retailer’s RSS feed.

3.      The Retail Doctor

A retail expert with over 30 years of experience, Bob Phibbs is one of the most respected names in the retail world, and his blog is no different. With a new post seemingly every other day, Phibbs writes on customer expectations, employee turnover, and basically anything else under the sun which falls under the retail umbrella. MakeThe Retail Doctor a regular morning read with your coffee—you won’t regret it.

4.      Retail Merchandising Blog

Although it has flown largely under-the-radar, the simple and effective Retail Merchandising Blog delivers where it matters—in content. Interviews with retail technology leaders, interesting articles with novel ideas that may otherwise not have been thought of, and more await readers of this basic but helpful blog.

5.      Kizer and Bender’s Retail Adventures

For an entirely new perspective on a retail blog, check out Kizer and Bender. The dynamic duo writes on actual experiences as they have them and delivers the articles through a slick looking blog which is easy to navigate and updates regularly. Covering a broad spectrum of things such as social media usage and customer satisfaction, the blog is really an adventure, and a treat if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air.

6.      Retail Touch Points

A blog for retail executives which focuses on cross-channel retailing, Retail Touch Points is a good resource for those who want to read in-depth on a specific subject, and for those who want a recap of what new things have happened in the retail world as of late.

7.      National Retail Federation

The Go-To site for retail news, the NRF is an incredible resource for those who work in retail, own a small business, or regularly work with retailers. Offering more than a blog, the BRF has advocacy resources to help out small business owners, a job board for prospective retailers, buying guides, and much, much, more. Although they are not a blog in name, their regular heaping of articles makes them as regular and informative a source as any.

8.      New Retail

As anyone involved in the industry can tell you, retail is going through some pretty dramatic changes at the moment, both in terms of spending power, customer demographics, and technology. New Retail covers all of these subjects as they happen, and is an important addition to a modern retailer’s RSS library.

9.      Retail Prophet

Branding, ecommerce, marketing, advertising—nearly anything you can think of has been written by the Retail Prophet at some point. Search through the site to find actionable advice that you need, or simply read up on the new pieces as they are posted. As an extra benefit, check out the podcasts available on the site.

10.    Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch, considered by some to be “the world’s most practical small business expert”, delivers clear and simple advice that small businesses can act on immediately. Think of this retail marketing blog as a ‘how-to’ guide. The plethora of eBooks, podcasts, and other resources are just the cherry on top when looking at Duct Tape Marketing’s incredible variety of marketing-focused blog topics. If you are looking to promote your small business, or propose ideas to a retail partner, this is the place to start looking.

Honorable Mention: Fit Small Business, Retail 

Fit Small Business is an educational website, helping small business owners navigate the questions and difficulties that arise when running a business. Their expert writers cover topics ranging from small business financing to managing employees to finding customers and building relationships. With over a million views every month, Fit Small Business is an invaluable resource for starting and growing a small business.

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