How to Be an Outstanding Sales Promoter

As effective as in-store promotions are, you need good reps to promote the product, as they are your best advocate. Here we will address the aspects that make a rep a good sales promoter. Good promoters should:

  • Understand sales basics and the 4P’s

  • Have deep insight of the product

  • Offer competent advice (how to prepare the product, how to use the product, product storage, possible side effects)

  • Demonstrate excellent customer service



1. Understand Sales Basics And The 4Ps

The basic foundation of selling is to provide the customer with the 4P’s: the right choice of product, at the right place, at the right prices, with the right promotions. A good sales promoter will understand this, but also know the 4P’s of the product in depth: 



Not only should a good promoter have extensive knowledge of the product, but they should also be familiar with the entire product line and the category of products that it falls in. They should also possess knowledge of competitors’ products.


Good promoters will know where to best place their table for in-store promotions. Ideally, it will be located near the product and in high shopper density areas where your promo will be easily seen. The idea is to have your table “disrupt” the shopper on their shopping trip. Good promoters will also know the rules for the positioning of specific goods so that they are always in compliance with the retailer or venue they are operating out of.


Price knowledge is important, as customers will often ask about the amount of discount offered, the regular price of the product, and the promotional price. Price is a large factor in a customer’s purchase decision, so if you can prove that the discount you’re offering is a good deal or that your product is priced cheaper than your competitors’, you have a better chance of convincing the customer to buy your product.


Most importantly, good promoters should be aware of all aspects of the promotion, from the advantages it provides to the customer to the marketing materials and point-of-purchase displays that have been planned for the promotion. 


Bonus: Check out our exclusive video with Health-Ade's own Kathryn Berta, who walks us through the essential steps to running an engaging in-store sampling event! 



2. Have Deep Insight of The Product

Promoters are your direct connection with the customer, and they need to be able to answer any questions the customer may have. Thus, good promoters should have in-depth knowledge of the product’s features, benefits, and the advantages it has over competing products.


3. Offer Competent Advice

A key factor in customer’s purchase decision is their knowledge of the product. Good promoters act as teachers, providing a wealth of advice to the customer in order to aid in their purchase decision. The more informed the customer is, the more comfortable they feel buying the product. Examples of advice include the storage, shelf life, and effects of the product. Sometimes the consumer will seek the promoter’s personal opinion - good promoters will answer honestly, but positively.


4. Demonstrate Excellent Customer Service

Customers will remember a friendly sales rep over an indifferent one. Good promoters will be able to pick up on the different types of customers and tailor their attitudes to fit that of each particular customer. Make sure to listen to the customer’s needs. If you know what the customer is looking for, then you can prove to them that your brand can provide that to them. Above all, promoters must be positive, friendly, and polite to every single potential customer.

Good promoters will demonstrate all of the qualities above, but ultimately, the key to successful promotion is when the promoters wholeheartedly believe in the product that they are selling. Customers can see your reps’ genuine enthusiasm for the product, and this will encourage them to purchase the product. Passionate promoters are the fundamental building blocks to in-store promotional success.

Nancy Chen

Nancy Chen is a Content Marketing Intern at Repsly, Inc. and is currently completing a Marketing degree at Northeastern University. A contributor to the national online publication Spoon University, she is experienced in delivering knowledgable, quality material to readers.

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