Boost Beverage Retail Sales By 33% By Using Your Voice

boost beverage retail salesBeverage manufacturers are always looking for new ways to grow their market share and boost beverage sales, but a recent study reveals one technique that you may have overlooked: the power of voice.

Researchers Deepika Banqia and Debra M. Palmer-Keenan performed their pilot study Grocery Store Podcast About Omega-3 Fatty Acids Influences Shopping Behaviors at a New Jersey supermarket over a period of three months. The initial results have opened the door for further exploration into the area of auditory influencing, especially in those retail locations where the average shopper spends an extended time in-store. The study involved playing a podcast from the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior regarding the importance of omega-3 fatty acids while shoppers filled their carts and baskets. At the study’s conclusion, it was found that nearly 33% of shoppers had purchased products containing omega-3 fatty acids, which they had never purchased in the past. Additionally, nearly 80% reported that they would be buying more omega-3 inclusive products in the future.

If these results can be replicated with various other podcasts or professional audio infomercials, then it offers a significant advantage to emerging beverage companies. Educating consumers on the benefits of your product - whatever that may be - could be a fantastic way to quickly build awareness of your offering and encourage consumers to give your beverage a try. Similar to the sampling strategy that many food and beverage companies have adopted, buyers are more likely to feel connected to and trust a company that does not appear to be directly selling to them.

Applying a strategy of auditory influencing to different venues and demographics may lead to wildly different results since the initial study was simply a pilot, and has not since been replicated. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for creative small businesses who are looking for that something to give them the edge over competitors. In order to determine the effectiveness relative to their product or industry, small and medium businesses should use a gradual rollout of this strategy across various retail locations

A separate study on emerging market consumers shows that they are loyal to brands they love, are well-educated before making their purchasing decisions, and enjoy small local businesses over large chains.

Combining this knowledge with the above strategy of auditory influence provides a fantastic springboard for emerging brands to target consumers who will want to purchase your product and remain loyal to it.

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