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Field Marketing

5 Tips for Building an Effective Discounting Strategy


No business wants to be left with excess stock, but unfortunately this is inevitable for even the most successful CPG companies. That’s because excess inventory often results from factors outside..

10 Min Read


5 Key Considerations for a Data-Driven Retail Strategy

Sam Holzman

The retail industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Don’t worry, this isn’t another article bemoaning the rise of e-commerce and exaggerating the decline of physical..

5 Min Read

CPG KPIs & Reporting

3 High-Impact CPG Sales Tips From Kraft Heinz’ Sales Team

Frank Brogie

For CPG brands, building a field sales team is a big investment — and an important one. Having dedicated sales reps champion your brand in high-opportunity stores and become experts in your market..

2 Min Read


How to Measure Sales Per Point of Distribution (SPPD)

Melissa Sonntag


In the retail world, there are three main metrics brands focus on to  measure the success of their retail execution: sales, distribution, and velocity. Sales focuses on the unit or dollar amount..

6 Min Read


Retail Execution: The Ultimate Guide

Melissa Sonntag

CPG companies need to put an emphasis on strong retail execution to stand out on the shelf.  Still, plenty of brands struggle to execute at retail, and as a result experience lost opportunities..

4 Min Read

Field Sales

4 Ways to Align Content Marketing and Field Sales to Increase Conversions

Peter Banerjea

Getting your sales and marketing teams to work together is no longer an option - it’s a necessity. Without a sound strategy in place for sales and marketing alignment, you’re not going to get the..

3 Min Read


3 Critical Processes for Outstanding Retail Execution

Melissa Sonntag

A poorly executed strategy can cost you up to 25% in sales. In order to achieve the ROI you are looking for, it's important to remember that the success of your retail execution strategy relies..

4 Min Read

Field Sales

7 Strategies to Manage a Successful Field Sales Team

Anastasia Masters

No matter if your company has a three-person sales team or you’re 3,000 strong, all leaders need to use different strategies to manage a successful sales team. However, leaders of field sales..

15 Min Read

CPG Team Management

“The Art of War” For Retail: How to Beat Your Competitors And Dominate Your Category

Frank Brogie

“I’d love to help you out, but I’m not sure how you’re different from what I’ve already got in the snack aisle.”

Hearing the word “no” is never easy (especially in sales), but it’s even worse when..

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