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Repsly in Review 2023

Repsly in Review 2023

Embarking on a mission to revolutionize retail execution, the Repsly team has consistently delivered on its commitment to enhancing the mobile and web app experience for users. As we reflect on our journey, the focus remains steadfast on providing a platform that not only meets but exceeds expectations. 

In 2023, we introduced a range of enhancements designed for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These updates include streamlined actions, improved team views, and simplified processes, all accompanied by an elevated visual experience. User management received a significant boost with improved roles, enhanced data export, and clearer territory restrictions, contributing to a more intuitive overall experience.

Join us as we dive into these cutting-edge enhancements, unlocking a world of possibilities for your field team's productivity and success. 

New Scheduling Functionality
Complete your retail execution objectives faster and cost-effectively with streamlined actions, team views, efficient work planning, and a simplified process of sharing schedules, tracking & sharing high-quality work as completed.

  • Schedule timeline: With easy-to-access actions, streamlined team views, and flexible scheduling functionality, managing your team's time has never been this efficient or intuitive.
  • Schedule improved functionality: enables more efficient work planning with a new design that enhances filtering, editing, performance, access to key actions, and provides at-a-glance insights into rep capacity
  • Scheduled visits and tasks export: export schedules with more information in an easier, more consistent format
  • Schedule import: Import visits with due dates, weekday recurrences, alerts, and schedule IDs not only create but now also update and delete schedules 

Streamlined User Management

Dive into enhanced user management that offers a seamless view of user roles, more inclusive data export, and streamlined collaboration with advanced form report sharing and clearer territory restrictions.

  • Merged user profiles: enhanced user management by seamlessly viewing user roles and enabling web/mobile access within a single-user profile.
  • Reps API export: Provide a more consistent experience so all users with rep roles are included in the API export
  • Form reports advanced sharing: simplify collaboration with important stakeholders and save time by easily sharing prefiltered form reports as a publicly available link
  • Territory restrictions: ensuring consistent and clearer application of territory logic for Admins to only see information relevant to their territory

Enhanced Photo Features

Elevate your visual experience! Easily navigate, filter, and streamline workflows with our Photo Gallery, redesigned Photo Details, and empower your reps with the capability to upload multiple photos as responses to form questions!

  • Photo Gallery: Now more prominently located and accessible with a single click and with the ability for users to filter by multiple photo tags simultaneously
  • Photo details: Redesign of photo details enhances user workflows, data management, and overall usability, all while providing a cleaner and more user-friendly experience
  • Multi-photo form questions: Reps can upload more than one photo as an answer to the form question


Web Enhancements

  • Tag management: virtual scroll for each tag section prevents loading issues for a high number of tags
  • Time & mileage export: with updates for a better matching order, format, and labels in your Time and mileage exports.
  • Improved navigation: The redesigned settings menu ensures options are all visible and easy to find


Mobile Enhancements

  • Mobile calendars: empower reps to better plan ahead with week and month calendar views all from within one calendar
  • Remote check-in: help reps manage their day-to-day work and enable Managers to generate more accurate reporting for rep visits.
  • In-app announcements: directly communicate product updates to reps inside the mobile app
  • Place accounts: filter places by account and identify them quickly enhancing their workflow for better productivity
  • Jobs on Map: A more intuitive design simplifies job discovery for Reps and enables them to seamlessly find and assess pay opportunities within the map view on mobile.


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