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Your Workflow Just Got a Whole Lot Easier — Introducing Repsly's All New Integrations

We’re excited to announce the latest release from Repsly: standardized integrations with the most popular CRM and OMS platforms — built to keep field teams connected with the rest of the organizations they work so hard to support. 


When Repsly launched its retail execution platform more than 10 years ago, we were driven to make life easier for sales and merchandising reps. We helped reps eliminate the “office day” by making reporting to management as easy as posting to Instagram, and we saved them hours on the road with smarter account management and route planning tools. 


As those teams grew, we shifted our attention to sales and merchandising team managers. We helped them discover gaps in territory coverage and deploy their teams to have the biggest impact on sales. Then we added configurable reporting so they could give every stakeholder a pulse of their team’s execution in the field. 


Over time the teams we’ve worked with have gotten more complex, working alongside brand marketing, inside sales, and promotions teams to execute more impactful programs. 


That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest release from Repsly: standardized integrations with the most popular CRM and OMS platforms — built to keep field teams connected with the rest of the organizations they work so hard to support. 


Repsly + CRM: A Single Source of Truth for All Your Customer Data


Connecting field teams to their clients has always been a core part of our mission. With our all-new Repsly + CRM integrations, we’re making that easier than ever for brands that want a single system of record for all their customer data.


Connecting Repsly to your CRM means that whenever you add a new client or update account details in your customer database, that update will automatically push into Repsly. Without leaving your CRM, you can give your sales and merchandising reps instant access to new clients in their territory. No need to log into two systems or keep duplicate records of your customer list. One workflow, one system of record, countless hours saved. 


Interested in connecting Repsly to your CRM? Schedule a call with us so we can learn more about your workflow and help get you started.   


Repsly + OMS: Streamlined Order Entry for Any Order Tracking System 


One of the things we’ve worked on this year is making it easier than ever for sales reps to place orders and accept returns from the store. We refined every aspect of the workflow, speeding up the order generation process while also helping to eliminate errors. 


But for complex organizations, order generation is just the beginning. That’s why we’re connecting Repsly to the order management systems you use to track inventory and fulfillment. By connecting Repsly’s best-in-class order entry software to your OMS, your sales reps simply place orders in Repsly and a new order is automatically created in your system. No need to switch between systems or double down on data entry. With Repsly + OMS, your team can focus on what matters, and you never have to worry about reconciling orders at the end of the week. That’s what I’d call a win-win. 


We’d love to show you how much easier our new integrations can make your order tracking workflow. Schedule a call with us and we’ll see how much time we can save you and your team.

With every task assignment, store visit, and coverage report, we’ve spent the last decade helping retail execution teams increase their impact on sales. Now, we’re excited to help amplify all of those efforts in the field by connecting you with the systems that power the rest of your business. Looking forward to continue to grow together! 

Frank Brogie

Frank Brogie is the Product Marketing Manager at Repsly. When he’s not thinking about how to position and sell Repsly’s products, Frank loves to explore Boston by bike and hunt for vintage cars through a camera lens. On weekends you can count on Frank to organize a pickup basketball game or play disc golf. An avid podcast listener, Frank recommends Philosophize This, 99% Invisible, and Radiolab.

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