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A Checklist for Choosing the Right Retailer

Posted by Aya Tsuruta on Jul 28, 2015 8:50:41 AM

There’s a reason you don’t see Skittles in the Wholefoods checkout line or Prada bags at Walmart. Suppliers need to choose their retailers strategically, and vice versa. A strong supplier-retailer relationship could lead to a road of long-term success and more efficient practices. Today, retailers and suppliers are becoming increasingly collaborative in order to capture their consumers using the lowest cost method possible. When searching for your ideal retailer, meet up with a representative face-to-face and follow this checklist of key considerations:

1. Target Audience

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How Sales Reps Can Foster Trust with Customers

Posted by Victoria Vessella on Jul 27, 2015 8:45:00 AM

In today’s marketplace, salespeople and field reps are now expected to take on the role of customers’ trusted advisors. In her article “Why Trust Is The New Buzzword For Sales”, LiveHive Inc. CMO Micheline Nijmeh explains the importance of customer trust in today’s marketplace. Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charlie Munger stated at the organization’s annual meeting that “trust surpasses knowledge” as a modern tool for success.

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CRM and FAM: Choosing a Software You Will Use

Posted by Amanda McGuinness on Jul 24, 2015 8:42:19 AM

When I was in fifth grade and the brand new, first generation iPod mini came out, I had to have it. It was trendy, cool, and came in blue - my favorite color. Previously when I wanted to listen to music, I borrowed my dad’s Napster mp3 player and listened to Bruce Springsteen and Willie Nelson. Despite my love for Willie and the Boss, I felt great need for a device of my own where I could store all of the Black Eyed Peas music a girl could ever want. I was elated when I got the device for my birthday. I told all my friends and brought it to school to show them, but did I ever really use it? Installing iTunes and setting it all up proved too difficult for my ten-year-old self and when I wanted to listen to music, I still borrowed my dad’s. That’s the point. You can pick the newest, most cutting edge software to implement at your business, but if you or your team are never going to learn how to use it, what's the point? Ten-year-old Amanda should have asked for a Napster. When you are looking for a new software, find your Napster. Not in the sense that your software choice will be obsolete in five years - actually, try to avoid that- but in the sense that you and your whole team will get a lot of positive, genuine use out of it.

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A Lesson from Amazon on Holiday-Creating

Posted by Aya Tsuruta on Jul 23, 2015 8:00:00 AM

While many seemed dissatisfied by Amazon Prime Day, what it really looks like is that these empty-cart-ers didn’t get to the site quickly enough. Every year on Black Friday, there are lines almost half a mile long outside of stores like Best Buy at the wee hours of the morning. People who strolled into the store at 3:00 PM later that day probably didn’t find much. The same goes for online sales. We tend to assume that online stores have an unlimited stock of items. But like any other retailer, that’s not the case, and Amazon ran out of the good stuff fast. “Prime Day peak order rates have already surpassed 2014 Black Friday. Prime members have bought tens of thousands of Fire TV Sticks, 35,000 Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray sets, 28,000 Rubbermaid sets, and 4,000 Echos in 15 minutes. The Kate Spade purse was gone in less than a minute,” an Amazon spokesperson told Adweek. So while some customers didn’t get what they wanted, sounds like many people did, including Amazon.

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INTERVIEW: Miles Masci on Product Launching and Retailer Relationships

Posted by Aya Tsuruta on Jul 22, 2015 8:00:00 AM

At Repsly, we want to provide you with the latest industry specific news and advice on managing field teams, so we’ve put together a series of repsclusive interviews with experts in the field. We hope that through the series you will gain valuable insight!

Miles Masci, Perfect Fuel

Perfect Fuel was founded in 2011 by Nicolas Warren and Miles Masci, two health-oriented entrepreneurs who introduced nutrient-packed dark chocolate energy snacks to the market. These organic chocolates can now be found in Whole Foods stores throughout New England and Northern California, in addition to local shops and grocery stores. Today, we sit down with Miles Masci, Director of Operations, to talk about his experience and get some expertise on retailer relationships and the process of launching a new product.

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The 3 E’s of Accountability

Posted by Victoria Vessella on Jul 21, 2015 8:49:25 AM

Engage. Empower. Enlighten. These are probably not the first words that come to mind when thinking about monitoring field employees. However, mobile software solutions enabled with features that keep field reps accountable for their daily activities actually have the power to do these three things. This post discusses how some software solutions work to keep employees accountable while fostering engagement, empowerment, and enlightenment within relationships between remote employees and their managers.

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Topics: Field Team Management, Field Team Accountability

3 Keys to Happy, Motivated Employees

Posted by Amanda McGuinness on Jul 20, 2015 8:46:00 AM

Creating a fun, motivating, and intellectually nurturing work environment is pivotal to having productive and engaged employees. When people no longer feel satisfied in their professional setting, productivity and overall morale drops. For managers and other higher ups, employee engagement usually boils down to how efficiently employees are meeting quotas and employee retention. However, to get to the heart of the matter, it is best to go to the source, as Perdie Alder did, asking the employees she motivates what they think employee engagement is. In response, Alder found that most employees consider engaging companies to be ones that listen to and value their opinions, invite a sense of obligation to one’s position in the office, and foster participation in office happenings. Based on this, here are a few tips to keep your employees engaged and company morale high. 

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Using Recognition to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Posted by David Niu on Jul 17, 2015 10:00:00 AM

In today’s working world, a physical office space is becoming a thing of the past. The number of organizations employing distributed workforces and offering telecommuting options is on the rise. But the downfall of this shift is that managers are struggling to keep their remote employees engaged.

Without the daily face-to-face interactions or visibility, it’s difficult for leaders to take notice of an employee’s efforts. According to TINYpulse’s Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture Report, nearly 80% of employees already don’t feel valued at work. And when people don’t feel appreciated at work, there’s a good chance that the company will lose them.

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Breaking into the Beverage Industry—You Can Do It

Posted by Aya Tsuruta on Jul 16, 2015 8:49:36 AM

Innovators in the beverage industry never cease to impress me. A few years back, I saw Odwalla smoothies for $3 and ZICO coconut waters for $4 and thought no way. Not for my poor credit card. Now I’m seeing cold-pressed organic juices on the shelves for upwards of $10! The amazing thing is, even with such high prices, beverage suppliers are managing to make it out of this highly competitive industry alive and with flying colors. Breaking into the lucrative beverage industry is not easy; nor is it impossible. Here’s how the leading brands have done it:

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Rethinking “Disadvantages” of Remote Field Teams

Posted by Victoria Vessella on Jul 15, 2015 8:45:00 AM

Remote field teams are becoming ever more popular in today’s day and age. In fact, according to a report from Global Workplace Analytics, there was an 80% increase in “telecommuting” employees between 2005 and 2012. Remote employees experience many unique benefits and challenges as part of the nature of their work. This post will analyze three perceived “disadvantages” of remote work and discuss how they can be viewed as advantages.

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