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How You Know Your New Hire is Ready for the Field

Posted by Erin P. Friar on Apr 28, 2015 11:00:00 AM

There are numerous pieces of advice written on both the process of hiring and training a new hire. Yet, there is another critical step managers must make before a new hire makes the transition into being a regular employee; they must evaluate the rep’s readiness before truly turning them loose. This step is downplayed in management literature, yet it is critically important. Here are three tips to follow during this process.


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3 Creative Ways To Attract Consumers at Summer Promotions

Posted by Erin P. Friar on Apr 27, 2015 11:30:00 AM

The summer season is upon businesses, and that means it is time for outdoor promotions. Your business may be promoting at a fair, a sporting event, or in any other arena that attracts large crowds, and you are likely to see competitors there. Here are three creative ideas to shift the crowd’s attention towards your business.





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Top 5 Pain Points for Field Sales Reps

Posted by Cam Garrant on Apr 24, 2015 12:02:00 PM

Sales reps have a demanding job. They spend nearly their entire day on the road, deal with a myriad of clients, and are constantly working to cross-sell, up-sell, and keep everyone in the organization happy. Managers of sales reps should be asking themselves: “How can I make my reps' life easier?” We’ve compiled the top 5 pain points for sales reps in the field. Take a look and see which of these can be quickly remedied, and which will take more time to alleviate.

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Why the Convergence of Social, Mobile, Data, & Cloud Matters to Field Based Businesses

Posted by Anece Ahn on Apr 23, 2015 10:30:00 AM

In recent years, ‘Convergence’ has become a popular buzzword in business. What is it and why should you care? The Aberdeen Group defines it as an “experience in which all employees are connected (social), everywhere they go (mobile), and have access to data when and where they need it (cloud).” The convergence of social, mobile, big data, and cloud, provides businesses with the power to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

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Topics: Technology - Cloud and Mobile, Field Activity Management

Liz Kislik: Hiring and Training Reps for Multiple-Tier Customer Service

Posted by Erin P. Friar on Apr 22, 2015 11:00:00 AM


Employees of field-based organizations have to perform a unique type of multiple-tier customer service. That is, these reps must be able to service both business professionals (or those people who stock the reps’ product) as well as end-consumers on a daily basis. There are specific characteristics and skills that ideal reps should have for this job.

We spoke with Liz Kislik, President of LizKislik Associates LLC, a consulting firm that develops solutions for organizational problems and specializes in customer service, about best practices for hiring and training reps for this type of multiple-tier service. She began by saying these reps need to be “aware of the needs of anybody they deal with, the nuances of the way different people present [in] different environments...and have personal diligence [and] commitment to the purpose of the employer.” Kislik’s specific advice on hiring and training for this type of rep are broken down below.


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How Field Activity Management Creates "Information Aware" Employees

Posted by Erin P. Friar on Apr 21, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Of all the characteristics required to provide excellent customer service, Gartner Research Director Olive Huang says being “information aware” is the most important. She defines it as “being in possession of not only the correct knowledge to address a customer’s issue, but also knowing the customer’s context at the time of contact.”

For reps to be information aware, two things need to happen. First, the rep needs to understand the “context” of an issue. That means a rep knows if the current problem is a recurring one and what the consequences of the issue are for the client if it is not resolved. Second, the rep needs the correct training and tools to have instant access to information that can address a customer question. Here are three ways a Field Activity Management software solution can help reps in the field be more information aware and provide outstanding customer service.

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Building Company Culture with Remote Employees

Posted by Erin P. Friar on Apr 20, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Having a solid company culture has multiple benefits such as increased employee engagement, strengthened brand image, and higher quality goal alignment. Building this type of environment can be difficult when a company’s employees aren’t in one physical office location, but there are best practices for doing just that. Here are some fresh ideas for developing culture with remote employees.



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The 10 LinkedIn Groups Every Field-Based Organization Should Join

Posted by Cam Garrant on Apr 17, 2015 11:36:00 AM

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to connect with colleagues, speak with potential employees, and follow influencers in various fields. To take full advantage of the professional social network, business owners and managers should consider joining one of the many groups established to promote better team management, observe supply chain best practices, and much more. Here are the top 10 LinkedIn groups that team managers or business owners of field-based organizations should consider joining:

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3 Tips on Employee Engagement for Seasonal Industries

Posted by Erin P. Friar on Apr 16, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Since organizations that hire on a seasonal basis generally experience high employee turnover rates, some managers do not seek out engagement strategies for their short-term workers. Yet, there are specific engagement tips designed for seasonal workers. Here are three ways managers of seasonal organizations can help create more productive teams and encourage top performers to return to the job.

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Carol Spieckerman: 3 Things Emerging Beverage Brands Need to Know in 2015

Posted by Erin P. Friar on Apr 15, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Fridge-blueCarol Spieckerman, President of newmarketbuilders, spoke with us this week about three key trends that emerging beverage brands should keep an eye on in 2015. Check out what Spieckerman had to say about the changing beverage retail landscape and how new businesses should navigate it.

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