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Field Marketing

Sales vs. Marketing: What's the difference?

Ann Buechner

This is a guest post by technology copywriter, Ann Buechner.

Market Star produced a great infographic: "Sales vs. Marketing shouldn't be a battle of Cowboys vs. Aliens." (Try to ignore, for a..

Ann Buechner

Recent Posts

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Team Building

Hiring a Superstar Sales Team

Ann Buechner

Written by technology focused writer and copywriter, Ann BuechnerMy first "real" job was at a men's clothing store, making $4.25 an hour plus commision. Until that moment, my only experience..

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Leveraging Pintrest for Online Marketing

Ann Buechner

This week we have an amazing guest post by Ann Buechner, a copywriter who specializes in technology products, who gives us some great insights on why social media is female dominated and how to..

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