client management

5 Min Read

Client Management

4 Ways Mobile CRMs Are Disrupting The Retail Industry

Maddie Davis

In a world that places increasing importance on constant innovation, brands must work harder than ever to keep their products relevant to retailers and consumers.That requires a lot of legwork,..

8 Min Read

Client Management

Secrets to Scaling from a Cult-Favorite Kombucha Brand

Victoria Vessella

When a brand reaches a point where it’s distributed nationally, cool things start to happen. You have the opportunity to augment your team with new skill sets, add budget to your yearly..

11 Min Read

Client Management

Hear from a CPG Expert on Why L.A. is Ripe for Emerging Brands

Victoria Vessella

Emerging food and beverage brands care about growth. Knowing this, we set out to find out what it takes to launch a brand from its early stages to national distribution. We recently sat down with..

9 Min Read


We Asked 300 Brands How They Drive Upsells: Here Are 10 Takeaways

Victoria Vessella

If you’ve read our blog before, you know we work with thousands of brands who are vying to take over their category. Whether they’re just breaking into a new segment or gearing up to unseat a..

10 Min Read


The Ultimate Playbook For Retail Sales: From C-Store to Big Box

Victoria Vessella

Do you remember how you met your best friend? Chances are, you guys didn’t form the bond that you have now overnight. Taking time to get to know each other and create something meaningful between..

4 Min Read

Client Management

3 Expert Strategies For Improving Your Career As a Brand Rep

Victoria Vessella

Brand representatives who work outside of the office need to be proactive about holding themselves accountable when they fall short of goals. Because while they have the freedom to go the extra..

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