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Simple CRM Software

Repsly's Simple CRM software allows you to manage client relationship and history data that is important to maintaining your customer relationships.

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Building Client Relationships

View All Client Records in One Place

Track and organize your customer database using custom fields, statuses, tags, and territory information all of which you manage yourself using our intuitive and simple interface.

Simple CRM Database

Customize Client Fields

Customize your client attributes, and create as many fields as you need. You have several options as to what type of information is entered into the field, including text, numeric, single select dropdowns, and more.

Simple CRM Form Builder

Import Existing Client Lists

Easily import your existing customer list into Repsly's Simple CRM system. Upload files in Excel format or copy and paste data into Repsly.

Simple CRM Client List

Viewing and Editing Client Info in the Mobile App

Access to Client History

Find detailed records of all activities, jobs, and visits completed at each location.

Simple CRM Software

Explore New Business Opportunities

Repsly’s Search Nearby Feature provides reps with client recommendations based on their location to scope out new account opportunities.

Simple CRM Software New Business

Repsly is super easy to use, it helps me to see where all of my reps are. And for the reps, they all love it; it’s so convenient.

Amber, Barnana

Gaining Customer Insight from Activity Metrics

Search and Find Clients Easily

Search and filter clients by client status, tags, territory, or any customized field.

Simple CRM Customer Search

View Integrated Analytics

Repsly automatically visualizes your data with easy to read reports. View trends in data over different time periods and report on specific reps or clients.

Simple CRM Customer Data Analysis

Repsly is truly our competitive advantage. It tells us in real time how we’re doing out in the marketplace. We can take that data back in-house at headquarters and then make plans of action to affect retail.

David, Kevita Probiotics

Start Your Free Trial Today

Test drive all the features in Repsly, free for 14 days! No Credit Card Required.