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Keep Track of Your Team and Boost Efficiency with Repsly’s Workforce Tracking

Create a culture of accountability throughout your organization with Service Management Software and Repsly’s workforce tracking features.

The Repsly mobile app automatically Geotags and Time-Stamps every activity one of your reps performs in the field.

Managers can view these activates on the map in the web console as they happen, eliminating the need to drive from worksite to worksite, and ensuring that the entire team is performing as they should be at any given moment.

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Workforce tracking for Service Management Software

Manage your team's appointments with the Service Management Software Scheduling Feature

Easily schedule appointments for your reps from the Service Management Software web console, or let your reps schedule their own appointments directly from the mobile app. Appointments will immediately appear on the assigned rep’s calendar.

Tasks can be labeled based on their current status: completed, missed, or scheduled. This allows managers to view visit status both on their calendar and as a summary. 

Reps can view all past and future visits directly from the Service Management Software mobile app, and managers can analyze this data to optimize customer service going forward.

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Service Management Software scheduling feature

Repsly has increased our efficiency tremendously. While it has saved us volumes of time and money, our sales have also gone through the roof because of it.

Joel, Lifetime Commercial Roofing

Service Management Software Messaging Features Simplify Team Communication

Repsly empowers your team to focus on activities and situations, rather than on coping with technology.

Effective communication is vital for service-based businesses where the difference between success and failure often relies on communicating the client’s expectations clearly, and confirming completed work with a manager.

Managers can communicate with individual reps using commenting and messaging features within the Service Management Software, and can quickly comment on activities as they are occurring in the field. 

Considerably reduce the amount of time spent on phone calls and on-site, while simultaneously increasing the quality of communication between your field team and managers.

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Massaging for Service Management Software

Repsly Makes Manually Tracking Work-Time & Mileage a Thing Of the Past

With Repsly's Service Management Software, each member of your team can easily record the start and end time of their work-day, as well as their start and end mileage.

When a rep ends their day, managers can pull up a comprehensive summary of that day's activities using the Service Management Software web console. Review the number of clients visited, tasks completed, and much more.

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Service Management Software time tracking app

With Repsly, you see everything that’s going on, you can create mobile forms, track purchase orders, track comments, everything you need for sales and merchandising.

Daniel, Simply Gum

Custom Mobile Forms Power Repsly's Service Management Software

Create custom mobile forms that can be filled out on your team's smartphones or tablets while on-site to bring incredible power to the Service Management Software.

Use text and numeric fields, 'yes/no' selections, drop-down menus, photo fields, and date fields to create the perfect form for each client or group of clients.

Repsly's flexibility makes it simple to collect highly detailed information on each task a rep performs with the Service Management Software. Many service-based organizations create custom forms for quality inspections, safety regulations, measuring the efficacy of their promotions, and much more!

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Mobile Forms for Service Management Software

Utilize Repsly’s Signature Capture to Ensure Task Completion & Customer Satisfaction

Reps in the field can use Repsly's electronic signature capture feature of the Service Management Software to collect a signatures confirming that a job was completed up to the client’s standards. Reps can also sign off on tasks in the field as they are completed, letting managers know that they are satisfied and finished with a particular job.

Enabling customers to sign off on delivery of services significantly lowers the chance of disputes arising after the fact, and the information collected using Repsly gives you the information needed to resolve any disputes that may still arise. 

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Service Management Software signature capture feature

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