Powerful, Data-Driven Retail Audit Software

Get shelf-level insights from your field team in real-time and discover the impact execution has on sales. This is the future of retail execution.

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Smarter In-Store Execution

With Repsly's retail execution software, field teams get a powerful retail audit tool to capture exactly where and how their products are sold and priced so you can spot and correct execution errors faster and easier than ever.

Barcode and UPC scanning, product availability, and pice reporting give team managers instant insight into every account, while smart scheduling, routing, and client history functions help reps maximize their impact in the field.

Field Team Management

Proactive Territory Management

Assign your team specific tasks and appointments, identify problems and opportunities within your territories, and offer feedback on recently submitted work.

Generate beautiful reports that reveal gaps in your coverage, explain product and promotional performance, and clarify which reps are working most efficiently.

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Agile Retail Intelligence

Detailed dashboards close the loop on retail operations and help you share insights with key decision-makers. Get visibility into every level of your organization, discover what's working, and quickly iterate on process and retail strategy.

With smarter execution, growing your sales and brand presence is easier than ever.

Testimonial - Kevita Testimonial - Kevita

“Repsly tells us real-time how we’re doing out in the marketplace so we can make plans of action to affect retail. Repsly is truly our biggest competitive advantage."

DAVID VARTANIAN Sr. Director of Sales, KeVita

Experience Data-Driven Retail Audit Software

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