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Shelf Detection

Harness the power of image recognition to cut audit times in half and get advanced insights from the shelf.

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See it in Action
Repsly Photo Capture and Analytics

Insights from the shelf:
Powered by image recognition

The most productive field teams take over 10,00 photos a month — more than anyone could manually analyze. What insights could be waiting for you in the photos your team is already taking?

Capture photos during store visits

Shelf Detection works with the photos your team takes during store visits. Whether it’s a standalone photo or part of a survey, simply snap a photo of the shelf and Repsly automatically sends it to our machine learning “brain” for processing.

Get SKU-level analytics at scale

Using the latest image recognition technology, Repsly automatically detects every SKU on the shelf and delivers trended insights on market share, competitive facings, out-of-stock indicators, and more via our advanced analytics platform.

Uncover SKU-level insights at the shelf

Measure market share

Measure your brand’s share of shelf in key accounts over time, and track total market share vs. competitors in your category.

Spot out-of-stock indicators

Identify the stores where you’re out of stock the most, and drill down to track OOS risk by product.

Count owned and competitive facings

Track facings over time for key products and accounts, and drill down to view SKU-level performance by store.

Track planogram compliance

Compare real shelf conditions to planogram set-ups and get accurate metrics on perfect store execution at scale.

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