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Order Management System

Take orders in the field, and email invoices to your customers from the mobile app.

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Setting Up Orders in Repsly

Manage Products and Services List

Managers can add an unlimited number of products and services in Repsly, and group them together based on custom attributes and tags.

Order Management System Product List

Custom Price Lists and Package Types

For efficient product managmenet, managers can set custom price lists for certain products and clients. There is also the option to customize package types on purchase orders.

Order Management Price Lists-02-min.png

Taking Orders in the Mobile App

Take Orders on the Spot

Simply enter the number of products ordered, and Repsly will calculate the total value of the order based on the prices of the products. Add in any discounts or promotional information, and capture electronic signatures for authorization.

Order Management System App

Email and Share Invoices

Accelerate your billing cycle by allowing your representatives to email invoices to your customers on the spot. Orders will also automatically synchronize to your account, so you can view them in real time.

Order Management System Submission

We love Repsly. It’s simple. It’s easy to use, and in some regions, our sales have gone up two or three times because of it.

Ari, Happy Tree

Analyzing Sales and Inventory Information in Repsly

View Reports

Find insightful reports on your sales and inventory. Track product availability and avoid out of stock incidents using these intelligent reports.

Order Management System Reporting Software

Repsly is truly our competitive advantage. It tells us in real time how we’re doing out in the marketplace. We can take that data back in-house at headquarters and then make plans of action to affect retail.

David, Kevita Probiotics

Start Your Free Trial Today

Test drive all the features in Repsly, free for 14 days! No Credit Card Required.