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Data Collection With Customizable Mobile Forms

Field data collection has never been easier. With the Repsly mobile app, your team can quickly collect data using the customizable mobile forms that you create for iOS and Android.

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Building Mobile Forms in Repsly

Customize Forms Based On Your Needs

Capture mobile data with the Repsly app whether you're offline or online.

Include any combination of text, numeric values, Yes/No checklists, dropdown fields, barcodes, dates, photos, and electronic signature to your forms. You can also use conditional branching logic to show questions based on answers. 

Repsly Customizable Mobile Forms Work On All Android and iOS Devices

Build Your Own or Choose from Our Forms Library

Create an unlimited number of your own mobile data collection forms, or customize one of the existing templates from the free Repsly forms library to get started.

Build Mobile Forms for Data Collection From Scratch, Or Use A Pre-Existing Template

Tag and Assign Forms to Representatives

Repsly's mobile forms work even if members of your team have different devices. Whether your team uses iPhone, Android, Ipads, or a combination of all three, tag forms to control which representatives see them, and which customers they are associated with.

Assign Mobile Forms to iPhone or Android Smartphone and Tablet Users

Mobile Data Collection Using the Mobile Forms App

Instantly View Uploaded Forms on Mobile

Mobile forms are automatically synchronized between accounts in Repsly. Create a form in Repsly's web app, and your representative will see it in the mobile app within seconds. Repsly mobile forms work on Android, iPhones, and iPads.

Build Date Collection Forms in the Repsly Web App, and See Them Instantly in The Repsly Mobile App

Easily Complete Mobile Forms in the Field

Repsly's mobile app has an intuitive interface which makes answering questions quick and simple. Employees in the field can easily capture text, numeric, and photo data, whether they're connected to Wi-fi, mobile data, or are offline.

Mobile Forms App

Submit and Share Forms from Mobile

Mobile form submissions automatically synchronize in real-time between your manager console and your employee's mobile app.

Employees also have the option to share submitted forms via email at the push of a button. Share collected data with customers, other employees, or third-parties if applicable. 

Easily Submit and Share Data Collected With Repsly's Mobile Forms.

Repsly has increased our efficiency tremendously. While it has saved us volumes of time and money, our sales have also gone through the roof because of it.

Joel, Lifetime Commercial Roofing

Viewing Analytics in Repsly

Real Time Analytics and Locations

All data collected in Repsly's mobile app is synchronized in real-time so you can respond to any issues in the field as they occur. Easily see the time and location any mobile form was filled out, the representative who collected the data, and leave feedback if applicable.

See the Time and Location at Which Specific Data Was Collected On Your Rep's Smartphone or Tablet

Gain Insight from Intelligent Reporting

Repsly automatically creates reports based on the data your employees collect in the field using the Repsly mobile app. Create a customized dashboard that showcases all of the information most important to your business. View trends over time, and unlock hidden insights on your organization.

Repsly Offers Intelligent Reporting on All of the Data Your Reps Collect While in the Field

Share Reports and Mobile Form Data

Share reports in PDF or XLS formats. Alternatively, you can also provide outside entities, such as your clients or business partners, with access to the Repsly Client Portal, where they can view any report you share with them.

Easily Share Mobile Data Reports With Anyone You Need To, Using the Repsly Client Portal

With Repsly, you see everything that’s going on, you can create mobile forms, track purchase orders, track comments, everything you need for sales and merchandising.

Daniel, Simply Gum

Start Your Free Trial Today

Test drive all the features in Repsly, free for 14 days! No Credit Card Required.

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