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Mobile CRM Appointment Scheduling Ensures Time Management

Easily schedule appointments for sales reps from the Mobile CRM web console, or let your team schedule their own appointments directly from the mobile app. Appointments will immediately appear on the designated rep’s calendar. Assigned meetings can be labeled based on their current status: completed, missed, or scheduled. This allows managers to view the status of visits both in a calendar and summary view.

Reps can view all past and future appointments directly from the mobile app. Managers can then review this information and follow up with their sales reps regarding past appointments, or offer them tips and tricks for appointments they may have in the future.

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scheduling for Mobile CRM

Order Management Features Add Power to Repsly's Mobile CRM

Repsly’s intuitive order management system makes collecting new orders simple. Managers can easily add as many products as they like from the Mobile CRM for Field Sales web-console, categorizing them by using tags of their choice.

Reps in the field can see your entire product list from their mobile device, or filter products by category. They can then record the desired amount of each product, apply discounts and tax, add any additional notes, and collect the customer’s signature.

On top of that, using Repsly for order management greatly reduces common mistakes and shortens delivery time!

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Order Management with Repsly's Mobile CRM for Field Sales

Repsly has increased our efficiency tremendously. While it has saved us volumes of time and money, our sales have also gone through the roof because of it.

Joel, Lifetime Commercial Roofing

See Where Your Team is in Real-Time With Workforce Tracking

Geo Tags and Time Stamps

Knowing where your team is at all times enables you to deliver them the guidance and support they need at any given moment, and to make sure each member of your sales team is on task. Managers can view activities on a map in the Mobile CRM web console as they happen, eliminating the need for ride-alongs and giving managers and reps the information they need to improve their, and to discuss performance during one-on-one meetings.

With GeoTagging and Time-Stamping, each activity your sales reps perform in the field is recorded for future analysis, ensuring that every customer is accounted for.

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Work Time and Mileage Tracker

Sales reps can put a lot of miles on a vehicle in a short period of time. Keeping track of mileage and time spent working shouldn’t be a hassle, and Repsly gives reps the power to easily input their start-time, end-time, and starting and ending mileage, right from the mobile crm app.

When a rep ends their day, managers can pull up a comprehensive summary of that day's activities using the web console. Review the number of appointments completed, forms filled out, and much more.

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Time Mileage Tracker Field Sales

Repsly Lets You Ride Along on Every Sales Call


In those moments where one of your sales reps needs help closing a sale, or is unsure about a customer’s question, it’s not always appropriate to make a phone call. Repsly delivers messaging and commenting functionality that enables managers to comment on any activity within the Field Sales software.

Repsly boosts your sales team’s confidence by reassuring them that their managers are available whenever they need them, from a single convenient location. It also considerably reduces the amount of time spent on phone calls and ride-alongs, and enables you to react instantly to the inquiries of a sales lead or customer in the field.

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 messaging within Mobile CRM for Field Sales

With Repsly, you see everything that’s going on, you can create mobile forms, track purchase orders, track comments, everything you need for sales and merchandising.

Daniel, Simply Gum

Confirm Sales Instantly with Repsly’s Electronic Signature Capture for Mobile CRM

Whether it’s a replenishment order or a new sale, when the time comes for the customer to sign on the dotted line, Repsly has you covered. The electronic signature function allows sales reps to take customer signatures directly on their smartphone or tablet, and save it alongside a form or purchase order.

View, print or dorward a link to signed documents using the Mobile CRM for Field Sales web console to provide proof of order or proof of delivery whenever you need it.

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Mobile CRM Signature capture

Build Custom Mobile Forms in Repsly's Mobile CRM Software

Custom Forms

Drive your sales team through the process you envision by creating custom forms. Ensure that they ask the right questions, and document the process that you want them to follow on every call. Design forms that use text and numeric fields, 'yes/no' selections, drop-down menus, photo fields, and date fields to create the perfect form for customer interaction.

Effortlessly make sure your sales reps are asking specific questions, checking for competitor products, or performing other tasks that you deem worthwhile with custom forms in Repsly's Mobile CRM for Field Sales.

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Mobile Forms for Mobile CRM

Forms with Photos

In those cases where there are damaged goods or product returns that need to be accounted for, sales reps can utilize Repsly’s photo features to take, tag, and save photos directly to the cloud, creating a well-organized and accessible photo archive.

Group photos by notes, tags, or even GPS position, and quickly pull up info on both the customer location where the photo was taken and on the rep who took the photo.

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Photo capture within mobile crm

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