Behind The Scenes With L'Oréal's Merchandising Team

Have you ever wondered how the world's leading cosmetics brands keep their products looking great on store shelves and top of mind for store sales staff? L'Oréal stands out with an innovative approach to managing their retail accounts.

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Merch and Education Report
Lucy @ Main Street Sephora
AR - Sephora and Target

Powerful Retail Execution Software for Cosmetics Brands

Everything your merchandising team needs to grow sales and education in the field.
Smarter In-Store Execution

Detailed account histories, scheduling, routing, order taking and more make every rep more effective in the field.

Streamlined Data Collection

Get real-time updates from your team on the education and merchandising metrics that matter most.

Automated Reporting

Uncover trends, opportunities, and wins from the field in minutes — not hours — with instant visual reports.

Advanced Retail Analytics

Connect in-store activities with sales data to uncover the impact every campaign has on sales.


With Repsly, my merchandising team has been able to streamline virtually everything, cut back on emails, and easily report on it all.

István Hrichak

Director of Field Sales, Milk Makeup

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