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Analyzing Field Data

Thousands of field representatives use Repsly’s Mobile CRM and Mobile Data Collection tools every day for everything from merchandising CPG products on the shelf, to marketing medical services, inspections, documenting service delivery and sales of a wide range of products and services.

These reps generate tens of thousands of activities every day, across many industries in over 40 countries.

We’ve begun to  aggregate this data anonymously so we can share insights about field data with our customers, analysts and the industry in general.  We’ll share bits of data every day, and consolidate it weekly and monthly, and then publish a quarterly report that includes some analysis and insights.

You are welcome to use this data in any way you’d like, and share it with whomever you’d like, as long as you let people know that the source of the data is Repsly.

Blogs & Reports


These are the daily bits of data that we publish…  things like the number of customer visits an average rep makes in a given region, or the percentage of activities that include photos or mobile forms.  These microblogs are consolidated weekly and then rolled up into monthly and quarterly reports.

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Weekly Reports

Here is where you can find short reports that consolidate micro-blogs over any given week.  These weekly reports provide graphs of the data, with a bit of discussion about what the data might mean.

Monthly Reports

The monthly Field Data Reports are a bit more meaningful.  They consolidate a month’s worth of ‘factoids’ which are typically related (e.g. a set of measures across regions, or a set of measures across industries) and look for any insights that can be pulled from the raw data.

Quarterly Reports

The Repsly Field Data Quarterly Report consolidates all of the data published throughout the quarter, and provides a deeper analysis of any trends and conclusions that the data represent.  These reports are available to Blog Subscribers and can be freely used for business analysis, or as part of a research project as long as they are properly referenced.

About Repsly

Repsly is the leading mobile CRM, Data Collection and Field Management software for field teams around the world.  Repsly’s functionality includes mobile forms, photos, electronic signatures, orders, audits, appointment scheduling and more. Repsly is super simple and highly adaptable, able to streamline any field activity, from Retail Execution and Merchandising to Medical Marketing, Field Service, Maintenance, Delivery, and Sales.

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