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Retail Sales Reporting

Turn your retailer or syndicated point-of-sale data into a treasure map for your field team.

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The Insights You Need to Grow Smarter at the Shelf


Prioritize High-Opportunity Accounts

Empty Box

Spot Potential Out-of-Stocks and Voids

Money Growth

Measure ROI on Your Field Teams and Retail Programs


Access Account-Level Sales Data on the Go

Highlight Quick Wins

Prioritize Your Highest-Opportunity Accounts

Give your field team the insights they need to have the biggest impact on sales every day.
Highlight Quick Wins for Your Field Team

Use weekly sales trends to identify potential execution errors and highlight opportunities for your team.

Flag Underperforming Accounts

Notify your team when key accounts fall behind and deploy your team to right the ship.

Uncover Potential Out-of-Stocks
Identify Potential Distribution Voids

Spot Potential Out-of-Stocks and Voids

Don't let your shelves sit empty until the next inventory audit. Use your retail scan data to identify empty shelves and prioritize accounts for follow-up.
Uncover Potential Out-of-Stocks

Get alerts when key products go unscanned and deploy your team to take action.

Identify Potential Distribution Voids

Quickly see where approved SKUs haven't been scanned and deploy your team to get them back on the shelf.

Measure the Lift

Measure ROI of Your Field Teams and Retail Programs

Go beyond traditional sales reporting and see how store conditions and team activities influence velocity in every store.
Measure the Lift of Merchandising Wins

Connect displays, facings, and shelf conditions to changes in sales velocity.

Track the ROI of Your Field Team

Estimate the sales lift your field team generates in their target accounts.


Access Account-Level Sales Data on the Go

Empower your reps to make smarter decisions at the shelf and start data-driven conversations with retailers.
Sales History

Review the product and category sales trends and make smarter decisions about re-ordering, shelf placement, and more.

Inventory Data

Prevent out of stocks, fight phantom inventory, and ensure promotion support with the latest on-hand inventory data.

Our reps are now using point of sale data to prioritize stores with out-of-stocks, and have smarter conversations with buyers when they get to the store. This is a game changer!

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National Accounts Manager

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