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Better-for-you sweets company UNREAL Candy has nearly doubled sales year-over-year since 2016 while adding distribution to another 2,000 doors. With a growth strategy anchored in traditional retail, UNREAL Candy's field sales team uses Repsly to innovate and execute on in-store promotions and grow market share in their territories.

In this case study, we’ll break down how UNREAL’s sales team uses Repsly to take a data-driven approach to retail execution, discovering the in-store conditions that lead to the highest sales growth in every account.


Boston, MA

Founded in 2013 with a mission to “unjunk the world,” UNREAL Candy’s better-for-you sweets promise a more natural alternative to peanut butter cups and M&Ms. In a category that’s been dominated for decades by a few big brands, UNREAL has to get creative at the point of sale to win market share and encourage shoppers to give them a try.

So far, it’s worked. UNREAL has seen sales nearly double year-over-year since 2016, while adding distribution to another 2,000 doors.

Jeremy Leblanc

Sales Manager

As regional sales manager at UNREAL Candy, Jeremy Leblanc is in charge of increasing brand visibility and sales at retail in the Northeast, while working with brokers nationwide.


Repsly's real-time data is a game-changer. When we have an idea we try it out. The very next day, if it worked we double down. And if it didn't, we do something else.




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How UNREAL Candy Drives Retail Growth With Data-Driven Execution


A core part of UNREAL Candy’s strategy in the store is a field sales team of 15 (regional account managers, brand ambassadors, and field sales reps) that focus on maximizing brand visibility and executing promotions in their key accounts.

“We’re constantly trying new campaigns and combining variables, like our off-shelf placement and price point, to find the right recipe for success,” says Leblanc.

The team uses Repsly to track the campaigns they’re running in each store. When compared with retailer direct or syndicated sales data on its own, the history stored in Repsly tells them which campaign (which price point, shelf placement, coupon, etc.) led to the best sales results. With this data-driven approach, the team can experiment in the store and iterate over time to develop the best retail execution strategy.  

“Repsly's real-time data is a game-changer,” says UNREAL’s marketing director. “When we have an idea we try it out. The very next day, if it worked we double down. And if it didn't, we can try something else.”

Optimizing Holiday Promotions for Maximum Sales Growth

A few weeks before Halloween, the team set out to find the best combination of off-shelf placement, pricing, and couponing in their high-volume Whole Foods accounts.

Each sales rep tested different retail execution tactics in their Whole Foods accounts, then compared the retailer’s sales data to retail execution data collected in Repsly to discover which in-store conditions had the biggest impact on sales. Once that test was completed, the sales team hit the streets to run yet another experiment.

After just a few weeks, the data confirmed the best strategy was to secure wing displays promoting a temporary price reduction of $1, and to run a coupon campaign to drive traffic to the set.

With that formula tested, confirmed, and rolled out to all Whole Foods locations in time for the last week of holiday shopping, UNREAL saw a 23% lift in dollar sales across the Northeast. With a data-driven approach to retail execution, the team was able to capitalize on the seasonal spike in traffic for a significant lift in sales.

Increase in sales

Benefits Realized with Repsly

Repsly's enabled immediate, data-driven retail execution insights for smarter merchandising

Increase in year-over-year sales during Halloween campaign

Sales lift influenced by optimized promotions and merchandising

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