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How Purity. Organic Is Winning New Accounts Faster in the Field

Looking to expand quickly, Purity.Organic had to figure out how to manage busy schedules and growing customer relationships. To find a solution that met their needs and was simple enough that reps wouldn’t require hours of training, the brand set out to discover a mobile CRM solution. See how Purity.Organic uses Repsly to win new retail accounts, negotiate for more space on the shelf, and crush their sales goals.

Meet the Client

San Francisco, California


Purity.Organic founder, Greg, saw how farmers cared for their orchards and how the difference translated into a quality product. In 2003, with their 100% pure apple juice, the company set off to create more demand for organic products. Since then their product line has expanded to include a variety of of juices, teas, coconut water, and super juices.

Dave Minnick


Dave Minnick, former President of Purity.Organic, is committed to delivering a product with simple ingredients that customers want and can relate to. With great prices and great ingredients, he believes doing it the right way is the key to success. 

Repsly is really easy... It’s more like what my reps are used to using, just like when they use Instagram.




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How Purity. Organic Is Winning New Accounts Faster in the Field

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Business Challenge 

Purity.Organic’s field sales representatives are responsible for getting as much of their product on the shelves in as many retail locations as possible. That includes scouting out new retailers and closing deals, as well as placing replenishment orders and maximizing profitability at existing accounts.

Building relationships with retail managers is essential, but that can be difficult considering every rep visits multiple stores every day. What’s more, Purity.Organic sometimes sends several different reps to cover any given store, depending on their availability.

That’s where the photos in Repsly are really important. The rep can easily say, ‘I have a photo that shows you used to carry this product. You don’t have it right now, can I add it back in for you?’


Before using Repsly, Purity.Organic sales reps took notes about each store visit by hand in a notebook, then transcribed and emailed them to anyone else who might visit that location. They needed a tool its reps could use to collect and access customer data from anywhere. Repsly delivered exactly that, and more.

How Repsly Addressed The Challenge


Instant Customer History

Now, every store visit begins with Repsly. Using the Repsly app on their mobile phone, Purity.Organic’s reps can search for store locations near them with just a few taps.

Within seconds, they can pull up a detailed history of every visit and transaction a rep has completed at that store location. In the amount of time it takes reps to walk from their car to the front of the store, they’re able to get up to speed on all the details of the account.


Simple Data Collection

They can also use Repsly to collect new data at these locations. Sales reps take photos of product displays and out-of-stock occurrences, then add notes describing their interactions with retail managers. Repsly automatically tags these activities with the store’s location, creating a library of account-specific interactions the entire team can access from anywhere.



Repsly is really easy... It’s more like what my reps are used to using, just like when they use Instagram.

Dave Minnick

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Sales Empowerment

Reps can then use the data they’ve collected to maximize their sales. For example, the Purity.Organic team often uses photos to remind busy store owners and retail managers that they should restock on certain products.  


Simple CRM

While Repsly’s functionality makes it invaluable to Purity.Organic, its user interface is what truly sets it apart from other field sales tools.

That means reps can start using the system in just seconds, with practically no training. That remarkably low uptime saves the company both time and money whenever it adds a new sales rep to its staff.

Plus, because Purity.Organic’s reps truly enjoy using Repsly, they are more likely to engage with the app - adding more notes, taking more photos and referencing account details more frequently than they might with a less intuitive system. As a result, said Minnick, the quality of their work is much higher.  


It’s a great tool for each individual to utilize to maximize their own efficiency and productivity out there in the field.

Dave Minnick


Simplified data collection and consolidated information helped create a more standardized process for reps

Purity. Organic has instant access to what reps are doing and gets updates in real time.

Reps can take photos, add tags, and make notes about their visits to make data accessible and useful for managers

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