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LA Libations is a premier beverage and food incubator in North America, specializing in commercializing and representing early-stage beverage brands at retail. LA Libations serves as an incubator for The Coca-Cola Company's Venturing & Emerging Brand Group, working with brands in emerging categories that have billion dollar potential. Several of LA Libations’ brands include Aloe Gloe Aloe Vera Water, Chia Vie, Just Chill Relaxation, and Obi Probiotic Soda.

Meet LA Libations

Los Angeles, CA


LA Libations’ team of territory managers is critical to the company’s mission of building emerging brands’ presence at retail. At each store in their territory, the team’s goal is to connect with their brands’ distributors and advocate on behalf of that brand, influencing the distributor to sell additional cases of their product for placement at the store.

On subsequent visits, it’s up to the territory managers to work with the retailers to secure secondary placements or additional facings for that product, effectively growing their brands’ footprint in the store with every visit.

Robert Macias


Since January 2017, Robert manages the L.A. Libations Field Team as the Vice President of Field Operations. Robert uses his 32 years of experience from his time at the Coca-Cola Company to teach his team the best methods and tactics to become the best in the business.


Repsly has improved productivity, visibility, and helped with engagement with my team. We’ve doubled productivity and cut our mileage in half! 









Started With Repsly


Tackling the Challenge

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Business Challenge

Every territory manager at LA Libations is responsible for covering about 60 stores, so to effectively represent their brands at every store, they have to work efficiently.

However, planning their routes and preparing for their visits took every territory manager a full two hours every morning - cutting into the time they could be spending influencing sales at those stores.

Once they made a plan for the day, territory managers ended up driving about 87 miles and covering an average of 6.5 stores a day - a busy day for sure, but one that wasted plenty of time on administration and diving. Plus, not all of those visits resulted in sales, since territory managers sometimes arrived at a store yet were unable to connect with their distributor. If the team wanted to improve coverage of their territories, they needed to spend less time doing paperwork and driving, and more time making connections in the store!


How Repsly Addressed the Challenge

When LA Libations’ VP of Field Operations, Robert, took over the team of territory managers, his first goal was to get better visibility into the way his team was working, so he could identify opportunities for improvement and hold his team accountable to the new standards.

With Repsly, he could see where and when his team checked into the stores in their territory and how many miles they travelled throughout each day, giving him a visual record of how and when each store was getting visited.

In just a matter of days, Robert was able to see that stores at the edge of each rep’s territory, far away from their start/end location, weren’t getting nearly enough attention.

Using Repsly to identify coaching opportunities like these, Robert created a more consistent territory coverage plan for each of his reps.

Increase in visits per day

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Six months later

Just six months after adopting Repsly, the LA Libations team was making twice the number of store visits (13.2 stores a day per rep) while cutting their milage down to just 52 miles a day per territory manager.

With their schedules and visit history saved right in the mobile app, Repsly also eliminated all the time each rep spent on administration every day. The result? More time in the field, less time in the car, and twice the number of store connections!

In just six months, Robert was able to shrink his team by 20% while actually accomplishing more as a group. The best part? This freed up room in the budget for every territory manager to get a raise, while eliminating overtime hours. Not only was Repsly good for business, but it made life better for the entire team!

Reduction in Miles Driven


Reduction in miles driven

Increase in daily store visits team-wide

Real-time photo sharing enables creative account management programs

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